Tuesday, April 7, 2020

All 80 blocks.............

The last 4 framed 9 patch blocks were made yesterday.

I got them all up on the design wall but I see a few I might move now that I have the photo on the computer.  There is no rush so I'll ponder this for a day or two.
I used the black elastic that I found 2 days ago for this group of masks.

I have lost count of how many I have made but I think it will be close to 100 when I use all of the elastic that I have.

I made a few more pastel masks too.  I haven't gotten photos of all of them because some left my house right after finishing them.  I'm posting the mask photos more for me since this is my diary than for any other reason.


Julierose said...

That is a whole lot of mask-making....good for you.
I like your quilt--its deep colors reflect the situation we are in with bright sparks of hope in those solids...
Nice work Julierose is ~ ~ ~ to you ;)))

patty a. said...

Wow you have made a lot of masks! I am sure every person who received one is grateful! The bottom mask in the last picture - the blue with the green leaves - that is one of my all time favorite batik fabrics. I have bought a bunch of it and I still have 5 yards of it.

JJM said...

Glorious 9 Patch Wanda. I don't see what you see for rearranging, but a photo always shows way more than we expected to see.

Oh Wanda, your giving heart with tailoring 100 plus, plus custom face masks have been so appreciated, I'm sure. You always out do yourself.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Each new owner of one of your masks is grateful - no doubt. I just dropped of six to elder son since their hospital now requires the non-clinical staff to be masked. I'll make him a few more in the coming days to share around his department and with others who don't have access to a mask otherwise. Every mask matters.