Saturday, March 11, 2023

Sewn not pressed............

Over two hours, that is how long it took to get to the final layout of this Australian fabric 16 patch quilt top.  I kept taking photos and loading them to my laptop, changing another block, another photo loaded, another block changed, etc. for over 2 hours.  The camera emphasized the dark and light values so I could see trouble spots that weren't as noticeable just looking at the layout.  I'm happy with the layout now and it is all sewn but since I finished at 10:30 last night I will press it and photograph it today.

The Amaryllis from the hardware store last year is in full bloom now.  There are only 2 flowers but they are beautiful.

The snow storm mostly missed us Thursday night into Friday morning with snow just barely covering the grassy areas and it all melted yesterday.  They are predicting more snow tonight into Sunday morning and the temperatures are going to be in the 30s for 4 days.  If we get snow maybe it will stick around for a few days.



Julierose said...

Good job getting the 16-patch blocks sewn together;)))! I'll bet it is so pretty!
The snow missed us and we are having a little rain; our sofa is due sometime between 8:30--11:30 today.
Your amaryllis is just gorgeous--I am babying my two mini pointsettias --one pink and one white/greenish--hoping to summer them over on my deck.
Hugs Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I totally get not getting the iron out at 10:30 time enough for that today. The flower looks so pretty mine are done and have been for awhile I always love the large bloom on these flowers. Glad the storm missed you I thought from what they showed on the news you would get it. My cousin northeast of you in Milwaukee was to get about 6 inches I think

JJM said...

It always surprises me, the infinite details these cameras pick up today. Especially phone cameras, unbelievable really. Anxiously await tomorrows 16 patch photo. Amaryllis is so pretty, i never get tired of seeing their huge blossoms.