Monday, January 20, 2020

A little sewing..........

I knew I wouldn't have much time for sewing yesterday so I just made 3 blocks.  The first is a postage stamp block for a quilt in progress.

Then I made 2 zipper blocks.  I think I just need 9 more blocks for this quilt.  I have decided I want to finish one of the solids with prints quilts each month and this will be the January quilt.

The basement is clean and ready for the art quilters today.  Cookies are baked.


JJM said...

"A little sewing" but what fun pieces. Love your pop corn zipper ! I've never seen that print before . I don't have to tell you to have fun with your art quilters today, that's just a given... Right ?


Mystic Quilter said...

How many postage stamp blocks now Wanda? I'm cutting squares for one of these quilts and alternating days with the 2 and 1/2" for Colorwash.