Sunday, August 29, 2021

Almost finished.............

I quilted the small log cabin pineapple quilt yesterday afternoon.  The dusty peach print for the back wasn't quite wide enough so I added a strip of a coral colored batik to it.  I think the binding needs to be a dark cream color like the spots in the setting triangles.

After I got I got it off the longarm and trimmed I cut the backing for the next to be quilted and trimmed the batting to the right size.  It is ready to load today after I press the creases out of the backing.

I finally remembered to check on the Four o'clocks in the daylight.  They are red in some light and more fuchsia in other lights.  I guess I would call them a soft red here.

I am so excited to have a new to me plant blooming in this late part of the summer.

This low growing Stonecrop Sedum is called Dazzleberry.  It is a little brighter than it looks here.  The tag says to divide it every 3 years if you want it to stay a small size.  It was only about 6-8" tall before the flowers appeared.  It is already leaning onto the pavers so I probably need to either move it farther in or divide it next spring.

This Coral Bell is on the other side of the front porch and is part of a plant I dug up to save.  This piece of the plant has mostly green leaves.  Other parts of the plant had purple and green leaves and I planted them over in the divided flower beds.  I have one more section in a pot on the north side of my house that I have to decide whether to plant before winter or leave in the pot for the winter.



Julierose said...

You are having such a lovely time re-settling your garden plants;)))
I like that pineapple piece--very pretty...enjoy your Sunday hugs, Julierose

Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing what the tag said about dividing the stonecrop Dazzleberry. I planted two of them this summer and realized that I wanted two more. As I am new to stonecrops, I didn't know that I could divide them. My tags didn't include that information. The color is beautiful and the pollinators love them.

patty a. said...

I remember my mother growing 4 o'clocks when I was a kid. They was easy to grow and took care of themselves. Good job getting that quilt quilted!