Sunday, August 22, 2021

24 blocks and moving on..........................

I have 24 blocks sewn and am ready to move on to another project.  I will probably sew the blocks into a top today.  This will get a border of the background fabric and then probably a wider border of some Kaffe collective fabric.  

I might make more blocks from this SpringLeaf Studios Matrix pattern with a different selection of fabric and maybe multiple background fabrics.

We still have a lack of rain here.  Showers are spotty and just 25 miles away will get 1.5" and we get nothing.  It is looking like fall early in the back gardens because it is so dry.  Even the plants in pots have some brown leaves even though I water them.  I have to decide if these are going in the ground or staying in pots all winter.

This Sedum is a different shade of green than the 2 varieties I have in the front garden and I have another piece from this plant in another pot.

The flowers are starting to open on the Postman's Pride Sedum.  It is the prettiest this year than it has been since I bought it about 7 years ago.  I have another piece of this plant in a pot too.

The bees are loving the Sedum and Coral Bell blooms and especially this small low growing Stonecrop Sedum.



Frédérique said...

Your blocks are beautiful, it's going to be a very pretty quilt!
I hope you will have some rain for the garden.

Mary said...

I'm always impressed by how quickly you can move through a project once you begin. These are beautiful blocks and I'm tempted to add this project to my ever burgeoning bucket list.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I'm late to the party and seeing how you are using my Matrix pattern. We've been away from home and I haven't been online. It was actually a rather nice break from social media. I love your fabric choices and look forward to seeing the addition of the borders. Thanks for giving credit for the pattern.

Charlotta said...

I love this top! I believe this may be the fastest I’ve ever seen you complete a top, and the first time you’ve done so without taking any time to ponder the lay-out or move blocks around. I’ve never previously seen you see the blocks, be done, and see the top together, just like that! Is this because you’re just following the commercial pattern or don’t care that much for or about what you’ve created?
Just curious!