Sunday, December 8, 2019

On the design wall.

I was baking and cleaning most of the day yesterday so I didn't get to the sewing machine.  When my friends were here on Friday I put the blocks from a couple of my solids and print series on the design wall.  This quilt will be all conversation type prints and I only have 11 blocks made so far.  I have to check out the blocks all together every so often to decide what I will do next.  On this one the solid color rectangle can be verical or horizontal and there are 2 positions of each of those orientations so I have to make a variety of each of the 4.

This quilt so far is all conversation type prints but I may add other fabrics into it eventually.  I have 15 blocks.  I think I will be making 63 blocks for this quilt.  These quilt blocks are fun to make when I have a small amount of time and nothing else I want to work on.  All of my inspiration for these and several others I am working on came from this blog.  Go to her label list and click on solids on prints series for directions and measurements of every single quilt.


Lesley Gilbert said...

Made me smile when I saw your London fabrics - I have a few and may try that block in the future. I also had a cactus in a jar like you showed yesterday - it survived a few years with a large root ball but I did give it some food now and then. My daughter bought me a new cactus last week so hopefully this one will survive the winter. Enjoy your Sunday sewing :)

Nancy said...

All are such fun prints- these will be pleasing quilts!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Both of these are SEW much fun!! Thanks for sharing your inspiration link.