Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sewing and cutting .... again.........

I got the big triangles sewn onto the wedge shaped pieces on 24 half blocks but I didn't feel like turning the iron on again.  I have 8 more blocks to sew and then it is back to cutting the rest of the pieces for the Australian Hunter Star.
I got a double 4 patch quilt cut for a friend.  She will be over this morning to lay out another quilt on the double design wall.  She is making 2 alike for great-granddaughters.  She got the first one designed last week and it is sewn.  Now we will put up the second one.
The shaggy orange coneflower is going to have at least 5 blooms as it appears now, maybe 6.  I'll have to go back out and count them later today.

Of the 4 Dinnerplate Dahlias I planted last year in pots this one has had about 8 blooms so far.  Another one is yellow and the bud is taking forever to open.  The other 2 plants are big and bushy with no buds.  I don't know whether to save them for next year or not.  I am pretty disappointed in how small the flowers are. 

When I dug up the Canna bulbs last year I put them all in this pot and covered it with a paper bag in my garage for the winter.  I gave away some, planted some, and there were a few left over that just stayed in this pot on my north side sidewalk.  They are doing their best to grow anyway.  I potted 3 volunteer Columbines and they are doing well.  I need to get them in the ground before the first frost.


patty a. said...

You are making great progress on the Hunter's star blocks. Those blue batiks are beautiful! I have a volunteer zinnia coming up in the yard and I saw a flower bud. I am going to let it bloom. It is pretty funny how late in the season it is before it decided to show itself!

JJM said...

The eclipse did not slow you down any I can see that. (*._.*) Hunter Star moves on... and your friends BLUES are gorgeous. I LOVE blue, the interior of my house is so full of blue, you wouldn't believe it.

Your dinner plate dahlia might be small but what a terrific gorgeous color !


EYSchmitt said...

Just want to say that you are an amazing friend to help other quilters cut their pieces and use your space to design and sew their quilts. They are lucky to have you for a friend. And I love your flowers!

Cathi said...

I'm glad you're still working on that Hunter's Star, as it is going to be so fabulous when finished.
The photo of the shaggy orange coneflower has definitely inspired me - I think I have the perfect combination of fabrics to make one of those.

JustGail said...

After seeing your hunter star blocks, I broke down and bought the die. Your dahlia may not be large, but it's still very pretty.