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Monday, August 21, 2017

Teeny tiny.............

One of the waste areas after cutting the Hunter Star blocks was large enough to cut 1" finished triangles.  Since there were 4 alike of each fabric I decided on pinwheels that will finish at 2"
So far I have cut 20 combinations for the Hunter star so there are 20 pinwheels.  I'm not done cutting the blocks yet so there will be more.  If I sewed this right now it would be 8" x 10", about mug rug size.  I'm thinking about alternating with 2.5" squares of another Australian print that isn't going to be used in the blocks.  I also sewed some more parts for the Hunter Star blocks and pressed all of the pieces.

I also started basting this quilt for ditch quilting with my straight stitch machine.  That is the leftover piece of backing fabric laying on it.

Today is the big day for the eclipse and the Chicago area is supposed to have clouds.  Hopefully there will be some breaks between them.


Mary said...

I would be curious about using alternate blocks too. We only get a 65% eclipse in our area.

patty a. said...

Those are some tiny pinwheels! I think it would be a great idea to alternate a solid block of fabric with the pinwheels so you don't have all those seams coming together. Right now here there are only a few clouds, but it is suppose to start clouding up and then possible rain at 3.

Hedy Hahn said...

I have a whole drawer full of various HST blocks that are very small. Some day I will dig them out and use them in a quilt. Yours are very pretty whereas mine aren't.

JJM said...

Wanda ~ how you stitch those tiny little pinwheels amazes me. Such a fun little mug rug. What a fun piece to back your zig-zag quilt top.

I LOVE 'A Look Back' you posted yesterday... Those are truly beautiful works of art. 'My Happy Quilt" is indeed just that. I keep scrolling back to it to take another look.

Eclipse has begun here now... (noon) even with our smoke filled skies enough of the sun has peaked through to the smoke to put on its show.


Vicki W said...

Oh, I love the tiny pinwheels! I hope you enjoyed the eclipse. We are in Maine so there wasn't much to see here.

piecefulwendy said...

Cute tiny pinwheels, but I really love that backing piece! So fun!