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Monday, August 7, 2017

Playing with fabric........

I chose more pairs of Australian fabrics for my Hunter Star quilt but couldn't get motivated to press them and cut the pieces.  It was a lazy day yesterday.  

I spent some time adding 3 new posts of items for sale to my Wandaful blogshop.  I also lowered prices on many of the older posts.

Here are 3 photos of the annual Dianthus which is in its second blooming.


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Dianthus is such a pretty little flower. All the color variation and outlining give it such a dainty look. Yeah I have been a little lazy of late in the creative space... just postcards this week. But they were fun!!!

patty a. said...

I noticed this morning I have a couple late blooming Shasta daisies - this is just a couple flowers. They really stick out again all the dead blossoms.

Cathi said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous flowers! And they've given me yet more ideas for the quilt I'm working on. Your blog is a true source of inspiration - all the glorious colour in your quilts and your garden!