Sunday, November 9, 2008

Color catchers

I decided to wash all of the baby quilts I have stacked up so they are ready to give as gifts or to sell. I always use Color Catchers when I wash a variety of colors. You can see the Catcher caught a lot of red runoff dead dye, but no dye was transferred to any of the other quilts. I washed another load after these. I use Orvus soap. Soap will clean the fibers, detergent will scrub the colors off the surface of the fabric. Orvus used to be sold as quilt soap at the quilt shops but I don't know if it is now or not. I buy mine at a farm supply store in big jars. Here is my new squirrel feeder. I wonder if the birds will have a chance at it. He couldn't decide if he liked eating this way
or upside down. A blue jay was scolding him this morning.

It is cold here this morning. Time to get out the cashmere/wool socks.
For the size of yesterday's block, I used 8-3/8" squares. If you are not really careful with your seam allowance, you may want to go with 8-1/2" and trim to 8" after you have sewn the diagonal seam. The block can be any size easily divisible by 4 and then add 3/8" to allow for seam allowances.


Christina said...

I wouldn't wash a quilt the ifrst time with out a color catcher sheet, they work wonderful.

jovaliquilts said...

I love those color catchers -- I have a photo where one was so dark blue it was almost black! I think you've mentioned Orvus before, but I haven't seen it. I'll have to try our farm store, never thought to look there.

Vicki W said...

I "heart" color catchers too!

SandyQuilts said...

I used a color catcher for the first time last week .... WOW

Do you also use them when you prewash your fabrics? Do you use orvus for fabrics? or just finished quilts?

Stephanie D. said...

I've never used color catchers before--didn't think they were necessary with the new fabrics, as everyone says the colors don't run anymore. Guess they were wrong!

I hadn't heard about Orvus soap, either. Hmmm--will have to check that out.

Thanks for the info!

teri springer said...

Orvus is livestock soap. I have used it for 40 odd years to wash cattle, horses, etc especially for shows. It is not harsh and leaves no residue. You can order it online from NASCO. This will take you right to it: If you have anyone in your family who has problems with soap, you can do your laundry with it too.

Re: squirrel- Wanda, get out the Crisco!!! That is, unless like mem you put the feeder close enough to a tree for the squirrel to make the leap! With your swinging feeder this could make for some good entertainment!!



Denise said...

Can you tell me if you prewash your batiks/fabric before you make a quilt? Love the baby quilts. Thanks for the info on color catchers too. I will give them a try.

Thanks, Denise

Michael5000 said...

That photo is a better advertisement than any advertisement, for a product I didn't know existed.

meggie said...

I always pre wash my fabrics, & so prevent colour bleeding that way.
I am definitely going to try your blocks.

quiltmom said...

What great colorful baby quilts- they are beauties and will be well loved by the babies.

Thanks for the information about Orvus soap- I have never used it though I had heard the name.

Your squirrel pictures are wonderful too.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about the color catcher sheets... Thanks for the reminder I too know they are as great as you say and will replenish my stock next shopping trip. And was unaware of Orvus soap. Another great post from you today.

Love those vivid baby quilts.


Cher said...

love the squirrel feeder photos..they are so bold this time of year - great baby quilts

candyschultz said...

I like what I can see of that star quilt. Could you possibly show the whole thing? As always the colors of all are gorgeous.

I have never heard of a color catcher. I must start looking for them.

Vicky said...

Thank you for commenting on your original block size used in yesterday's post. For some reason I sew kind of wonky when it comes to triangles, so I probably should do 8.5 inches and trim the half-square triangles to 8 inches before slicing.

Are your squirrels like mine, in that they chew right through most bird feeder material? I have lost many feeders due to our "destructo-squirrels" and we have opted for baffles on every feeder pole to keep the squirrels off! Cute picture, though.
Vicky F

Jean said...

Funny pix of the squirrels...maybe they need their own feeder? We used to lay watermelon rinds on the fence, and they would pick them up in their hands and eat them just like you would. It was so cute.

The Calico Cat said...

Oh for the love of rainbow goodness!