Friday, February 17, 2023

Progress on 9 blocks

I die cut 9 blocks with my Snail's Trail die yesterday and got 3 totally sewn and the centers of the other 6 sewn.  I still need to cut 2  more blocks and they will be the darker blue.  Another day or 2 and I'll have them all up on a design wall.

We were south of the snow area most of the day yesterday but had some icy rain.  There were little ice drops on all of the branches in the back yard.  The snow started late in the day.  I wanted to check my rain gauge but I was afraid the porch steps and sidewalk might be covered with a thin layer of ice.



Julierose said...

Those Snail's Trail blocks will be so pretty in that fabric;)))
We are having light rains and 47 degree temps; slated to get much colder this weekend...stay war amd safe hugs, Julierose;D

patty a. said...

Beautiful blocks! I am looking forward to seeing them up on the design wall.

Libby in TN said...

The fabric in your snail's trail blocks is so ethereal. The quilt will be gorgeous. We're having a winter day today, below freezing by bedtime after a high of 65 yesterday. Talk about whiplash!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I too would be afraid to walk out in the icy area - it will melt soon I hope at this time of year. My cousin in Milwaukee was posting photos of snow. It didn't get quite as cold last night as they had said and stayed at 30.
I like putting the snails trail blocks together, a fun block.

Barbara Anne said...

You were wise to stay indoors and keep your joints intact rather than risking a fall on ice! So says this retired nurse. :)

Love the Snail's Trail fabrics!


JJM said...

Glistening beads of ice on your tree branches makes for a pretty photo as well as your frosty fabric for Snails Trail.