Thursday, February 2, 2023

Playing with stash............

I have had this fabric grouped for a couple years.  I rarely work with this few fabrics in a quilt because I need variety to keep me interested.

Maybe I should pull the black leaf fabric out and pair it with a variety of white with black fabrics.

Or maybe I could add all of those white with black to this whole group.  Ok, time to move on to something that needs to get done.

I will need 1.25 yards for the back of this baby 16 patch quilt so I pulled 3 of my larger yardage pieces to see what will work.

I eliminated the deep pink print and it will be one of these 2.  I think I'm leaning to the pink since there is a lot of pink and lavender in the top.  The blue is one that Kaffe reproduced for his 85th birthday but this is the original print and I have a few yards of it.

This quilt is next in line to be finished and this is the back I have chosen for it.  I got it at a super sale price.  It is laying sideways here but it is houses with snow on the roofs.

Moving down the quilt the colors are matching well.  The top is made with Kaffe collective fabrics and this back is also from the collective, designed by Brandon Mably.  I cut the batting yesterday too.  I just need to sew the seam in the backing and press it and then it can be loaded on the longarm.

Then I searched for more pink fabric for the heart quilt.  I found some pink florals to go with some of the more solid pink batiks.  I sewed 14 blocks last night and have 6 more cut, ready to sew.



Cathy said...

What's black and white and red allover? Your next quilt!
And that's an interesting heart block and oh so sweet!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Well, you know how I feel about black and white prints! The company finally got back to me to say they are 4 weeks behind in orders because they print their own fabric. Wish I knew before I ordered. Guess I should take the blocks off the wall. Nice backing and great heart blocks.

patty a. said...

Love the red poppy fabric. Now that you have played with the B&W fabrics, maybe the design for those fabrics will come to you. That backing will look great on that quilt top. Getting those tops quilted and finished will give you a nice stash of quilts and free you up this spring and summer to play in the garden. Let me know if you need some pink fabric. I have a few pieces I could send you.

Julierose said...

I like the proposed addition of B&W prints a lot...Your heart blocks are really so pretty. You are getting a lot of finishing done!!
17 degrees this a.m. but nice and sunny so far--clouds will be moving in later on once again. I guess the walk will be on treadmill today hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

That must be an early Brandon Mably print - I don't think I've ever seen it anywhere. What a great backing it will make. And definitely pink for the backing of the pastel sixteen patch. I love the mix of black and white and red - our February placemats will use that color scheme. Playing is just as important as getting things done - truly, it is!

JJM said...

Another great blog today…seeing all you have going makes my head spin. The bonus is you sharing your day with us.

Black’s white with a dash of red, (perfect) soft and cuddly baby quilt, couldn’t be any better, omg, love backing with ‘snow on house roofs, and heart combinations grows better every day. Fabulous fabrics as always.


Agile Jack said...

I've been toying with the idea of making a mostly black and white quilt for some time now. I even have a Pinterest board specifically for black and white quilts. i can't wait to see what you do with these fabrics!

I LOVE that turquoise sprays fabric and thought it would make a gorgeous quilt back. But I think your choice of the pink is better for this.

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm with you on the softer pink for the backing on the baby quilt and so good to see the houses fabric, I have a little of this in my stash, I do like this one.