Sunday, November 21, 2021

Planning ahead..............

My son bought me a red Amaryllis at the hardware store on his way to my house last week.  I opened it last night and found it already growing, tipped to one side to fit in the box.

It even has a second bud starting.  It is awfully pale from being hidden from the light and it will green up quickly now that it is out and planted.

My Amaryllis bulb from last year is in its time out (resting) period now under a box for darkness.  I think I will need to leave it there until the second week of December.  I meant to bring it inside sooner but kept forgetting.

I moved 2 blocks on the Gridlock quilt and cut more squares that will be used as the border around the quilt.  I will start at the bottom edge of the design wall because I can't reach above the top of the blocks that are on it.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I forgot to do anything special with my amaryllis's (5) and had them outside all summer two weeks ago I brought them in the house and never even cut off the leaf's they had from summer. I wonder if it is too late now to cut off that growth and see if they will blossom -

JJM said...

Good for Scott to gift his mom with such a fun flower for the holidays. Or when ever it decides to blossom. Yours has an excellent start that is for sure.

I bought a box of 3 waxed amaryllis at Costco last week. I kept one and gave the others to my daughter and son. Mine has not shown any growth movement that I can see yet. On the box it says growth varies in in different areas. I was just so surprised to see them in Costco and when I saw them I remembered your beautiful blossoms from last year. And wanted to try them. I didn’t know they could be planted.


patty a. said...

I was at a big box store yesterday and they had a bunch of Amaryllis and they were busting out of their boxes!

Quiltdivajulie said...

My two are growing but no stalks have appeared yet. The one is new so I know it will produce. The second is last year's and I am waiting to see if it does anything or not.