Sunday, July 29, 2018

A helpful video..........

Exuberant Color Pop-Up Shop Fiber art and fabric packs by Wanda S. Hanson

This video is a special surprise preview of the pop-up-shop that opens on Monday.  It includes tips to navigate the shop site with all of its features while revealing the items available this time.

This is the first time we have ever shown what will be for sale before the password to the pop-up-shop is given out to subscribers.  

If you aren't a subscriber you still have time to sign up to get 24 hour early access to the shop.  (Read on to understand why early access is important.)

Everything in the shop is one of a kind; original quilts, wallhangings, and quilt tops, some of which are my very favorites.  

Also for those of you who are stash builders you will love my red and green varieties from my personal fabric stash.  There is only one pack of each variety.  (Don't worry I have plenty left for myself.)  

The shop opens on Tuesday to the public but history shows that many things will be sold out by then.  

Because I really care about my readers I want you to have equal opportunity to buy exactly what you want.  All you need to do is subscribe before the password is emailed out, Monday noon EST.


Marnie Haines said...

Great video and explanation of how the shop works. Thank you! Marnie

Mary said...

I enjoyed the video, and know it took a lot of thought and effort to produce. You've got some beauties listed.