Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Journal Quilt

I decided that my first attempt at making a selvage quilt would be for my December Journal page, which is dedicated to trying something new. I used a black and white variegated quilting thread for the satin stitch edge. If you haven't visited the selvage blog yet, click here and check it out.

In case you think I ran out of dotted fabrics when I made those bags this past week, here is the bin of what I have left. Yes, that is a big bin, what they used to call blanket boxes. Now they are specified by the gallon.
It is supposed to snow by 3 this afternoon, an accumulating fluffy mess, so they predict.


hetty said...

Great little journal quilt! Very nice. Loved the way you got colour into it! I am tempted to save my selvages from now on.

Gene Black said...

I just knew that you would leave some of the Fabric and COLOR showing. It looks Exuberant to me!

Anonymous said...

Now that is the best way to present those selvages. Nice and tidy Journal page. And just the right size. I still am in awe of the lady who made an entire dress of selvages.

Looks like you just might share more dotted fabric projects with us.

-12 below in the valley this morn. Brisk to say the least.


Elsie Montgomery said...

i really like the variegated black and white on the edges. This is a great idea for jazzing up satin stitch, which I tend to dislike ordinarily. Again, you have such super ideas!

mzjohansen said...

Ah! Very cool!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the extreme closeup on HOW you sewed those selvedge edges down. I wasn't sure quite what to do, and you have now shown us all. Thanks! This is another inspiration piece, Wanda!
Stay warm and cozy in that cold weather!

Joyce said...

Love, love those dotty fabrics!

Anonymous said...

I have never bought one dotted, spotted fabric. I had never been drawn to them and always considered them "kids" fabric. You have converted me. I bought a spotted batik today and I love it.

So it's all your fault that I must now add more fabric to my stash. Couldn't be my fault, because I would never have bought it without reading your blog.

Unknown said...

I love what you ended up doing with the selvages. The edging is fantastic!! I just love your collection of dotty fabrics. I have quite an extensive collection as well. All bright and bold. I have been saving them up for 2 different projects. It is supposed to snow here tonight into tomorrow morning up to 4 inches. The turn to freezing rain by morning.

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Very cool journal page.

I never realized that I had much dotty fabric in my stash; I looked more at the color when deciding what to use with what. Now I see that I have a few pieces, and definitely will be adding more.

If you put them together in a tub do they multiply?

Vicky F

Cathi said...

Those selvages are so perfect for a journal quilt!!
Love all those dotted fabrics!