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Thursday, December 10, 2009

More country schools

This is the third one room school I went to. They started building our new school but didn't have it done in time for the beginning of the school year. They divided us up like we would be in the new school so third, fourth, and fifth grade went to this building. They continued working on the new building.
It was finally ready for us at the end of November, 1950.

It has been added onto 2 times and a couple years ago they built a new school a mile up the road and this building is now offices for the food service and other things for the district.
My dad's name is on the brass plaque in the entryway because he was a member of the school board. He was the only farmer that was a photographer too so he took all of the pictures.


QuiltSue said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I think the old school was a lot more attractive to look at than the new.

Eva said...

The architect of the new building wasn't bad, it has some touch of a late bauhaus style or Frank Lloyd Wright in his later years. It was made with a sense of proportion which lots of modern buildings don't have.

Joyce said...

The new building really reminds me of my high school. It is no longer a school but still in use. That is the building that my grandchidren started school in. Nice to have that continuity.

The Calico Cat said...

What great memories, I love all of the black & white photographs.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

We also have a Wheatland School in our county.
I guess it makes sense as it was also farm country.

Beth said...

I know that 'new' building!! It's just across the way from the Vets office. One prairie schools are fun to find!! Not to many any longer due to neglect, abandonment and the elements.

Beth- Near Chicago

Mary said...

I love your school series. It reminds me of a story tho. When cleaning out my Mothers house, my 29 year old son found riding toy and said "didn't this used to be bigger?" handed it to his cousin who said the very same thing. A couple years later I was driving by the red brick school house I attended and the owner was out. So I asked him if I could go in. It was truly a blast of memories, but the first thought was "Didn't this used to be bigger"

Were you one room schools mint green too? Both of the ones I attended were. And I know the windows were on your left as it was mandated that the light fall over your left shoulder onto the paper. Heaven help the lefties!

belinda said...

These are great school house photos!!
What I want to know is...did you
have to walk 7 miles to school each day...and with Post Toasties box tops stuffed down in your shoes??? HA!

Julie said...

I enjoy all your pics and posts. I work at a one room school currently. It was built in 1950 as a two room school to consoldiate three one room schools and we currently have 16 students grades K-6. It's a lot of fun!

Twila Grace said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos. I especially like the one with the two construction workers placing the school plaque. Thanks you for sharing.

Kay said...

I went to a one-room school a lot like that. The new, consolidated school was finished the year after I left to go to high school. My dad was on the school board too. There was lots of controversy about building that new school.

Your pictures are wonderful.