Saturday, December 5, 2009

Almost there

I have just 2 more strips to piece and add on to this quilt and then I can trim the edges to square it up. Yesterday was errand day. I had 4 places to go and that took until after lunch. My son stopped by and helped me figure out how to use my VCR to record now that we have the new digital boxes that Comcast gave us. I tried it tonight and it worked. You can't record a different channel than the one you are watching like I used to do, so now I have to record in the living room and then I can watch it on the TV in my studio/kitchen area later. A friend in Chicago had given me instructions but I wasn't quite geeky enough to figure it out from her tips by myself.
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Unknown said...

Yes, those digital boxes from comcast were just slightly disruptive. Luckily on the TV that we use in the family room we didn't need it. We have the DVR there. Looking forward to seeing your newest creation.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we have dish network but I hate having to learn how to record on new devices. I also have to have the tv on the channel that it being recorded and move to another room to watch a show. When I have to learn a new machine I have to write down step by step instructions and use them forever!

Maria said...

I see you open your seams and press them. I was taught to press them over to the darkest side. Does it matter which way it is done Wanda?
Yes I have trouble setting up new gadgets and everytime I have it figured out they change it again. PHEW!!!!!

Needled Mom said...

I hate it when you cannot watch a different show than the one being recorded. Grrr.

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Did you get some of that snow that came thru?
We got 10 inches in one day and it's still coming down! Gotta get those bird feeders filled up.

The orange quilt on the previous post is cheery.

Any tips for squaring up a big quilt top like you're working on now?
Vicky F

Cathi said...

That is going to be such a pretty quilt. Our cable provider lets us record two different shows at once and watch a third already recorded one.

Sharon said...

I have the comcast box and even though I'm the only one in the house, I have the dual so I can record 2 programs at the same time, or record one and watch something else. Or record 2 and watch a recorded show. Sounds like I watch too much tv. My biggest problem is the see the One Day Sale ad about 3 weeks late! hahaha I watch everything from tape, that way I can bind or hand quilt and catch up on tv at the same time. Love those early Sat mornings....