Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December blooms

Right on cue, the Christmas cactus began blooming on Dec. 1. You can see there are lots more buds on the plant so I should have blooms for several weeks. I was totally wiped out after grocery shopping, working about 2 hours, taking Dad to lunch and the optometrist office, and driving home. I didn't sew a stitch. I guess it really has been a whirlwind for the last week getting ready for Thanksgiving and then cleaning the basement and having the company all day Monday. Maybe this was my crash day.

Last night I looked at my new (10 yr. old) book. I was able to find this one on I ordered several books from this seller because she had really reasonable prices and a couple books that I had been looking for. This book is more about Kaffe's inspirations and decorating of his home than about quilts. It does have a few of his early quilts in there with instructions though. It was new and available when I was working at the quilt shop that had every book currently in print and I didn't buy it. Kaffe's fabrics were new at that time and we carried lots of the stripes and checks but only 2 of his prints. Now it is interesting to see where his inspiration comes from since his fabrics have become popular.

Today I hope to have my energy back.


Sarah Vanderburgh said...

This sounds like a great book! I'm always interested in the 'why' behind creative folk. Hope you find your energy today:) Take care.

Maria said...

Hope all went well with Dad.I can see why you are tired. Have had a busy time.
Your cacti looks great,I have several different colours. Do you?
The Kaffee Fassett book looks like a great one to have in your collection. I love the cover.

Nancy said...

I also have this book. I bought it before I started quilting for the rugs.
I have his knitting books also.
He is an inspiration.
I really enjoy your blog.

The Calico Cat said...

Good, Good, Good Vibrations headed your way!

Send what you don't need back to me. (I am in doubt about today being Wednesday already... Wasn't it just Monday yesterday?)

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you had a long day, but you came home to a beautiful Christmas Cactus and some great Kaffe inspiration. That book looks interesting. I wish it was still in print, I think I would get it. Love to read about where he gets his creativity from. I think I might have to google it.

Cathi said...

No wonder you were tired. Hope your energy is renewed today.
The Christmas cactus is amazing! So pretty.

*karendianne. said...

What a beautiful bloom and fascinating about the book, too. And umm, you think today was the crash day, ha? Huh! :)

Heckety said...

D'you want to know something funny? I'd just posted a photo of my Christmas Cactus and was commenting on Kathy's blog when your photo jumped out at me from her sidebar!
Obviously two minds with a single thought!
And also this evening I saw a really pale peachy coloured Christmas Cactus in the grocery shop, I'd not seen such a pale one before.

HollyM said...

I've had a Christmas cactus for several years but it has given up blooming. It sounds like you need more than a days rest. You've been busy. There's nothing like a good book, especially with 'eye candy', to rest and spend the day with. I also have this book. I love hos color and design mixes.

Kathleen said...

i remember getting the book out of the so glad you found a good copy for yourself

i treasure my one of his that is little too has photos of his home...themed rooms is called glorious interiors and i found it being sold as unused stock at our local library for one dollar!

hope you got your energy back