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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another finish

I finished the binding last night. I was calculating the hours on this 15.5" x 36.5" table runner. It took 2 hours to hand sew the binding (I'm fussy about how the stitches look), a little under 2 hours of machine quilting with that 3/8" grid, and I estimated that the top probably took at least 2 hours. That doesn't take into consideration any of the time pulling the fabrics to make it. So with a minimum of 6 hours in it and about 1 yard of fabric plus batting and thread, what do you think it should sell for? Or the better question what would you be willing to pay for something like this? These are the questions I ask myself every time I finish something that I might consider selling.I looked out the kitchen window to check the bird feeders, and count them, 6 furry creatures that don't look like birds to me! Two are hanging onto the feeders and being sloppy so they feed all of the ones on the ground too. A flock of sparrow did come a little later and just blended right in with the squirrels. Oh, and the feeder on the right is squirrel-proof. Ha!
Then this little guy ran over to the tree and got up to the broken off branch right outside my kitchen window and watched me eat lunch.

You can see we did get a little snow, but under that is about an inch of slushy sleet. My snow plow guy came and cleared the driveway even though there was only about an inch of snow because the sleety mix under it was way too heavy to shovel. I got my work out on the sidewalk and porch steps.


Beena said...

For some reason, looking at those squirrels raiding the bird feeders made me think of the current economic situation! Times are hard, and those squirrels need to eat, too!

The runner looks great, Wanda. I wouldn't know what to charge for it, and think only you can decide what will be too high, or too low. Start out on your high end. If it doesn't sell after a while, you can always lower the price.

Keep warm and cozy!

Joyce said...

I am always at a loss when it comes to pricing. It's beautiful and worth a lot but will people pay a lot? Not around here...

Diane said...

Wanda, Someone told me the formula for what to charge for our handmade pieces, whether quilting or knitting, is to take what the cost of materials is and multiply it by 3. This doesn't always ring true for me when pricing out my pieces. How do we account for all of our time? Then there are times when the formula sets a piece at what I would call an over-the-top price that I know no one would pay.It's a tough call to make. Unfortunately, there are still those who think that because it is handmade that it should cost "less." I also have run across the situation where I know the person who has requested a piece and feel that because I "know" them I should charge considerably less than I would otherwise. I have learned to hold to my origianl price and tell them upfront an estimated cost and tell them why I have to charge what I do. Given that though, I have charged not enough for some pieces 'cause I tend to be a softie. I know this hasn't helped you a bit I am sure, but I wanted you to know it is a universal problem we have when selling our art and craft. Here in WI we had over a foot of snow and couldn't get to work yesterday. Today I have to be brave and venture forth onto ice-covered country roads! Ugh! Oh, and I get bunnies under my birdfeeders along with the squirrels. What a source of entertainment!

The Calico Cat said...

Lovely quilt - I have no idea on pricing... Have you been to a craft faire to see the "going" rate? Checked out Etsy? Do you plan on selling it locally at a craft faire type setting? online on an etsy type website?

I guess my thought are that the price could be fluid. If you are going to a local place where the prices are tight then there is your price...

karenfae said...

I finally had to just get squirrel proof feeders plus a big black half circle hood thing that goes over the top of them to keep the squirrels out of my feeders.

On the price issue - I always find that so hard to do. It all depends on where you are selling and how much money do people in that area make - some people are willing to pay the price and a good share want the cheap products that are mass produced.

Peaceful Piecer said...

Your squirrels look huge and cute in the pictures. I don't really like squirrels in person:) Love your runner but have no idea on price.

Cathi said...

I couldn't begin to figure out pricing.
The picture of the squirrels lining up at the feeder is priceless. Almost looks like they're lining up in a cafeteria! :-) Cheeky little squirrel sitting in the tree - sharing your lunchtime with you, I think!

Susan Turney said...

Pricing...such a problem. My first thought was.....if you call it a wall-hanging, rather than a table runner, I think you could get more since people will look at it as a piece of art....which it is!!!!! Have you seen the prices that artists are asking and getting for small quilted wall-hangings? It would look beautiful hanging in just the right spot!
I love the squirrels!! IMO, they deserve the bird seed if they can go to such lengths to get it!

Vicki W said...

The talbe runner turned out great. Given that you kept hours, I would set a price per hour that I want to make and add the costs of the materials. Of course, the PPH has to include something for electricity, cost of the machine and tools etc.

We have found that really the only squirrel proof feeder is the one with a gun pointing at it. You can't do that in your neighborhood but we can here!

Maria said...

It is very diffecult to put a price on beautiful handmade things like you make. People always think it should be cheap but they do not realise how much time that goes into making it.

I know the squirrels are probably a pest in your neck of the woods as rabbits are for me but they do look cute.

Sherrill said...

Your quilts, runner, journal covers, etc. are ALL beautiful. No clue on pricing.

That snow is gorgeous but that's about all I like about it!! YUCK! Glad it doesn't do that too much here as I don't LIKE being cold (and it's cold here for us).

Anonymous said...

Williams Sonoma has quilted table runners made from whole cloth. They retail for around $60.

Sharon said...

I'll put a price on it, $99. I'm glad someone posted a retail price, W & S at $60. Probably made in China and done by computer stitching. Yours is hand CRAFTED, not home made, it's an ORIGINAL design. Anyone who follows your blog knows you are a true artist. If it was to sell in a gallery, they would take 50% so it would be priced at $200+. I charge $20/hr for any repairs/redoing borders etc, and designing value has to included. Also, it's not about what WE would pay, we quilt, it's what others would pay. Many people have lots of money. I've sold small pieces for $65 and the people hummed and haaaed and then paid for it. If they like it and want it and can afford it, they will buy it. I would rather give something as a gift to a friend than sell to a stranger and make $5/hr. jmho

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I do as Sharon said, give things to friends and family that appreciate them and am fortunate enough to not have to try to sell my things. Your work is amazing Wanda and I do agree that it would need to be in an art gallery sold as a wall hanging to get anywhere near what it is really worth.

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Of course your work is priceless. That doesn't mean give it away.
I have a friend who does wool penny rug items (wall hangings, table runners, etc) that she figures what she wants for them, the higher-end college-town shop doubles her price, and they sell. Not right away, but they always sell.
People can tell if something is quality and made by a true artist (vs. churned out at a factory).
I would want to take home at least $100 for the piece if it were mine to sell.
Vicky F

Yuki said...

Love your blog and your pictures. Always entertaining!

I was having company one day and had put out a peanut butter sandwich for the squirrel that comes by daily. My company got a big kick out of seeing the squirrel sit in the tree holding that sandwich. It really made for a charming picture.

ttfn :) Yuki

belinda said...

That's a nice sized runner...hhhmmm
nearly half the size of a small
baby quilt....I'll tell you....The
first price that popped into my
head was $60.00..???..that's just 10 per hr. for your time???...I don't know what your fabric cost???

And what little devils you have
there...fun to watch but I imagine
they can be bothersome!!

Jean said...

This turned out so pretty...very close quilting too!