Saturday, September 26, 2009

Strips cut and sorted

I cut all of my green fabrics for the next Strips that Sizzle and sorted both colors into sets ready to sew. There were 3 new shows on TV to watch so I got a lot done.I sewed the Disappearing 9 Patch blocks into a 44" square to hang at the store to advertise the class next month.
My fall garden is pretty weedy but very colorful too. The purple asters come up as volunteers all through the garden and I pulled out at least a dozen throughout the summer. The volunteers are sometimes a different color so I have 3 colors this year. The sedum is really pretty right now too. I am glad I took a zillion pictures of the butterflies on them last year because this year I have only seen one butterfly near them.
This plant is another volunteer. I may have dug it out of the other garden last year and planted it here but I don't remember. It is as big as a bush and very colorful. You can see the neighbor's burning bush starting to turn in the background. Mine are still green.
This is the sedum in one of the little flower beds. It is such a brilliant color this year.
We had a little rain yesterday but the ground is still hard to dig in. We have had very little rain for over 3 weeks so I'm hoping we get more tomorrow like they are predicting.



Love the colors of your strips. I can see that the garden inspires your choice of color. We've had lots of can have some.
The weeds are out of control right now...and it's too wet to mow. It's a jungle out there!

Vicki W said...

Your garden in beautiful!

Jean said...

Your strips are delicious. I love that color combo, though pretty much anything with green is to my liking. Your fall garden looks nice too. My flowers are all starting to look the worst for the wear, though the tomatoes are still going strong. I need to get out there and clean them up, lots of tomatoes still on the vine.

julia said...

The colors in your garden are almost as yummy as the colors of your strips!! Your quilt for your store looks wonderful!! You work fast!
Rain is all we've had. We are supposed to have monsoon type rains today!!!! We did have a couple of sunny days this week, thank goodness. We got the lawn mowed and it needed it badly!!!

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Your fall garden colors are great! I take it asters are great for self-sowing their seeds?
I didn't see many butterflies either this year. Maybe they stayed where the weather was warmer?
Hope the store has lots of fabric just like yours, cuz you know people are going to want to make a quilt with the same colors!
Vicky F

Nanci said...

I love asters, but they always seem to get a disease of some kind. I should try them again.
Love those strips and the nine patch is so usual.

Maria said...

Your garden is very colourful very simalar to your beautiful stripes. I love doing the Disappearing Nine Patch as it is a quick and easy one to do.Hope your class enjoys doing it too!!!!!!

Needled Mom said...

The strip colors and the beautiful flowers are all so luscious. Who notices weeds when the flowers are so pretty?

Sharon said...

beautiful colors in your garden for this time of year. What is that purple bush?

Leslie said...

I just LOVE your purple/green strips. They're already singing, and they're not even sewn into anything yet! Re the disappearing nine-patch, I know I've seen the instructions for that somewhere before, and I've just got to make one! Thanks for sharing.

Fabric Fanatic said...

Wanda, I saw this short video on another blog about batik and I thought you might enjoy it too:

Anonymous said...

Always a treat to see your projects grow. I don't know of another person that could keep up with you.

Your garden is amazing, do you fertilize your plants or is it that good ole Illinois soil ? Abundant blossoms and so tall.


quiltmom said...

Look at all the beautiful purple and green together- the colors are so rich and fabulous. You can see the same beautiful color combinations in your gorgeous quilts.
The disappearing 9 patch worked out just great- I have made a couple of them and it is kind of fun to see how they work out. It really makes a difference when the colors have light and dark contrast - When I made one with sunflowers it was pretty but it was hard to see the overall pattern. The other had better contrast so it showed the design.
Fabric choices make so much difference.
Enjoy that beautiful garden of yours.

Catherine said...

Your purple and green strips are fabulous -- I can't wait to see the quilt that comes out of those!
What wonderful colour in your fall garden. It has been raining here, on and off, today and I think there's more on the way for tomorrow.

hetty said...

The colours in you garden remind me of your quilts. Or is it the other way around. Anyway, I can see that you love colour! I would love to see a nine patch sample of your disappearing nine patch quilt - before you cut them up and put them back together.

Colleen said...

I am loving the green and purple strips. I saw a quilt recently that was named Grape Jam, it reminded me of your strips.

Meggie said...

Your garden is as beautiful & colourful as your quilts!

Rosalind said...

Over in UK those purple flowers are called Michaelmas Daisies. They are in bloom at exactly the right time-------29th or 30th September.
Gardens and quilts-------can't get a better mixture!