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Monday, September 21, 2009

Finch food

This finch was right outside my kitchen window on the coneflowers. Here his little head is bobbing into the seeds.
One of my students hired me to shop for her fabrics and cut them for her for the class tomorrow. I have already grouped some of the hot pinks for her.

Now I must finish packing my things for the class.


Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Great shot of the finch! Those goldfinches are very resourceful. I think sometimes people cut the seed heads down too quickly and they miss out on the "free" food.

Your purple/gold layouts are striking. Almost mind-boggling the number of combinations you've generated so far.
Vicky F

Bunny said...

Gorgeours finch. Well that fabric is gorgeous too. I am sure the quilt will be amazing. Yes I have had such fun with the journals, have one more almost done but I just know I will make lots more. Thanks for your inspiration. Have company coming so won't get to the machine till after Oct.1st.

Vicki W said...

Great photos!

Jennie said...

Yummy! Thanks for feeding me my favorite food :) My maiden name is Finch. We bought my parents a feeder and a bag of "Finch Food" for a gag gift for their anniversary! We have a lot of fun with the name :)
~ Jennie

Jackie said...

Great shot of the finch! I just love the colors that you chose for your student's quilt.

Jody said...

Wanda, love your blog, love that your flowers sustain the local birds!

Sherrill said...

WOW, you're MY kinda teacher shopping and cutting! Love those colors, too. Did she specify or was that your doing as well.

That's IT!! I'm planting coneflowers next year and maybe I'll get some goldfinches here in TX. They never visited my feeder! :-(

Pat Deck said...

Those pictures of the finch are worthy of framing! Thanks for sharing.

I have been following your entries on the various block layouts, and and so intrigued by the different ways you can put one set of blocks together. What a great teaching tool!

LC said...

I'm always delighted that when we live too far away to take your classes, you give them to us anyway. Condensed for sure, but thank you!

Catherine said...

Lucky, lucky student!! Those fabrics are fabulous!
Love the shots of the finch.