Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Sorting and moving things................

I have never kept track of how many spools I emptied until 2022.  I pinned a bag to my bulletin board and dropped the empty spools into it all year.  That cardboard tube was the center for a large quantity of thread; I think about 1000 yards.

The 5 white skinny spools had 1200 yards on each of them.  I used a lot of longarm thread too but didn't empty any of the spools.  Now another bag will be started this year.

I sorted many items that needed putting away, carried several boxes to the basement where they belong.

I keep a list of all of the quilt tops that need quilting and their measurements.  I update that every year so there were 3 pages to copy over for this new year.  I divide them by length on longest side: up to 66", 67"-80" and 81" or longer, small, medium and large.

I sorted Kaffe Fassett fabric squares into colorwash kits to be offered at my upcoming colorwash online class.

If you are interested in the Colorwash 360 class and want to be on the waitlist for early notification  go to this link to sign up,

All 4 squares from one fabric don't necessarily look alike but they all work in colorwash.  This is why everyone's colorwash is unique, they don't all get the exact same cut when they buy a kit.

Here is another example of the variance of the 4 cuts but they all work.

I thought the very last cactus bud was drying up but it surprised me and is starting to open.

The first flower on the second stalk of my Amaryllis has opened and the next three will follow shortly.  All 5 blooms on the first stalk are still looking good.

January 1st was a fairly gloomy day and I thought there wouldn't be any color at sunset.  I was sitting at my computer in the late afternoon and I noticed a pink glow through the blinds.  I hurried to get my camera because the highest color only lasts a couple minutes.  I posted an even better photo on Instagram that was right at the peak of color. (Instagram account @exuberantcolor).


Libby in TN said...

Gorgeous sunset, Wanda. We have those occasionally and, like you say, the time to capture a photo is fleeting.

Julierose said...

Lovely sunset moment you captured!! It has been mostly gray here and today we are supposed to get rain--44 degrees right now but no rain as yet...food shopping day for me...and so it goes...hugs, Julierose

patty a. said...

I posted my empty spools for 2022 today. I think I had 35 which is pretty much normal for me. The cacti and amaryllis are both so pretty. I will have to catch up as I haven't read any blogs for the last 10 days. That sunset is beautiful. It has been gloomy here for days. Yesterday it was foggy, rainy, and overcast all day. Today is about the same, but it sure is better than below freezing temps and fierce winds!

Mary said...

Your indoor garden has been a real success this winter. I've always considered empty spools another measure of productivity.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have never kept track of spools of thread used or how much fabric used or bought - I just hope I go through it all one day! the set was pretty some days I can see it good other days not the hills and trees are in the way most of the time when I happen to think about it

JJM said...

Your gorgeous quilts and quilt tops you showed yesterday . . . I’m not surprised at the amount of thread you go through in a year.

Amaryllis are just as pretty as they were when they first opened and I have one lonely cactus that is budding out again.


Vicki W said...

That's a lot of thread! Your plants are a nice shot of color in a gray winter day.

Mystic Quilter said...

Ah, your beautiful colour wash fabric packs! I still have mine here in their box on y shelf, tried three times to begin but each time seemed to reach a point and couldn't get a flow going - I shall try again!!