Friday, October 12, 2018

Clean up time...........

I had so many piles around my Accuquilt Studio cutter that it had to be clean up day yesterday.  The Marcia Derse scraps were cut into 2" x 3.5" rectangles and 2" squares with a small pile left over that were too narrow to cut.  About 5 cranks through with my GO adapter and dies and I have 54 rectangles and 21 squares for the ends of rows.  
The geraniums had the last few blooms after all of the rain we have had.  Frost and freeze warnings for our county were on the weather report.

I'm sure I will be dumping these 2 pots after the 2 cold nights.  I took in the pot that still looks great and hope to be able to put it back out in a couple days.  I also covered the tomato plants but they still might not survive.


Lesley Gilbert said...

The 2 Geraniums have done well. The ones I have in my wall planters I usually leave out all winter and most times they regrow in the spring. My Fuchsias are still in flower and last week a Clematis had 2 late blooms, which was a surprise. We've had nice weather the past 3 days but today is wet and rain on the way. I've watched your sewing efforts this week and you seem to be as busy as ever - I just can't seem to get motivated to sew but keep busy with my knitting. I know once I start I'll keep sewing and won't want to stop haha. Have a nice weekend with whatever you are up to :)

patty a. said...

I had some hot pink geraniums years ago and I wanted to keep them so I brought them indoors. They just kept on growing. The only thing was they are messy plants to have inside. They seem to drop a lot of stuff. My SIL had a geranium for 11 years. It was huge!

Julierose said...

Your top little square exactly matches your lovely geranium's hue ;)))
You are so organized cutting everything up ahead. Meanwhile...I have bags of stuff to be cut..thanks for showing us more on organization...hugs, Julierose

JJM said...

I know how long you have been quilting, and instructing in the quilt world, and have seen so many tools that have been invented just for quilting. Maybe one day you could photograph all the big and small helpful 'tools of your trade'. Your die cutter got me wondering, and I know you e got them all. (*._.*)

We've had several 28 and 29 degree temps to wake up too here of late, but my million bell petunia's are thriving. They are close to the house though.