Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trying layouts............

I showed this block pattern HERE on Saturday with many different placements of the darkest fabric.  I have been cutting the shapes from many of the Marcia Derse fabrics and decided to lay them out on the ironing table to see how the colors will look.
I changed from orange to pink to see if the softer color combination looks better.  I will keep trying more layouts until I get a lot more of the fabrics cut.  I'm not sure when I'll start sewing the blocks.

The purple Asters are just starting to bloom.  Once again the camera isn't picking up the deeper color of them.


patty a. said...

That is a very pretty and dynamic block with the way you used the striped fabric. It is so nice to still have some color in your yard. I only have a few lavender flowers and a few Shasta daisies.

Roxanne said...

I like the colors in both of these blocks. A lot.

Needled Mom said...

I like the pink better. It's a great block for those fabrics. The asters are looking so pretty too.

JJM said...

What fun, fun block to design with. Autumn begins on Saturday, your asters are a nice blossom to kick off the season.


Connie said...

I agree with Patty, that striped fabric really packs a punch!
Your blocks are fantastic.
Happy quilting.
Connie :)