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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Now that's better

I usually do my daily post around midnight and set it to post at 5 a.m.  Last night I tried 4 times to post and all it would let me do is enter a title.  Frustrating!  I didn't have anything new to show, just more past years' quilts.  I spent the day yesterday looking for backings and borders for quilts, and the only sewing I got done was 2 cross rows on the Winding Ways quilt.
I got my mid arm machine in November, 2008, and quilted 10 quilts before the end of the year.  Three of them are baby quilts, 2 are twin size and the rest fall somewhere in between.

In 2009 I quilted 16 more, 3 of them queen size, 5 twin size and the rest large lap size.  A lot of people ask me what I do with all of my quilts.  I gave away half of those you see in both collages, to family and friends, and I use 4 of them on my own bed at different times of the year. The rest I just enjoy owning and looking at.

I hope I have some NEW work to show you tomorrow. 


twebsterarmstrong said...

And this past year that I have begun reading your blog, I always marveled mentally that you could write lucidly so early in the morning.

karenfae said...

love looking at the quilts that you have made - I too have plenty just sitting around the house for me to look at.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though the midarm machine is paying for itself at the rate you are completing quilts.

Linda said...

Wanda, gazing at your 'old' stuff is fun!! You are amazing!

Daniëlle said...

Your old stuff is completely new to me and they all look great!! Have lots of fun sewing on the next one!

HollyM said...

I am truly amazed at all you have done. I just don't have that much staying power. I get too easily distracted.

Dolly said...

I couldn't post last night either ! Very frustrating.

Those are some great-looking quilts that you're sharing, now in photo, and then, with family and friends........hooray for being able to keep a few to gaze upon !

Could you tell me how to set a post to appear at a certain time?
Thanks, Wanda !

Duff said...

HOly cow, woman, YOU ROCK! How do you get so much accomplished in a day and still find time to smell the roses?!

QuiltNCards said...

Ditto! I don't care if it's new or old, I just enjoy the view.
<3 your blog, Wanda.
<3 Terri

Sheila said...

Wanda. I love to look at your quilts and see how you play with bright colors and light. Thank you for enduring blogging difficulties to post your pictures today.

quiltmom said...

I have been meaning to make that Buggy barn heart quilt for a long time- I love that pattern . I also love Bento Box or perhaps its Mumbo Jumbo but whatever its title I do love that design too. I am still trying to get organized to start quilting again. I want to make my dad a quilt as he turns 80 this year. I have some animal panels that I want to combine with some bear's paw blocks- I best get designing don't you think. The first week of January is nearly over.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work. I loved viewing it- your colors always inspire.
Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

I have not been ignoring you... a busy Christmas and New Years. Traveling to Seattle after Christmas put me way behind on your posts. BUT I have put all of your "tile" posts in my iphoto. And just enjoy studying all your creations of hours of work.


Darlene B said...

Your quilts are so beautiful, that I wish I were on your family/friends list to receive one! You have to be one of the most productive quilters I know!

Sandi said...

What beautifu quilts!! They are all new to me, too, as I have just discovered your wonderful blog whilst 'blog-hopping'.
Now where is my patchwork box and fabrics!!