Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The letter K

I am back to the alphabet quilt that is a store sample.  We have an embroidery club meeting on Thursday afternoon at the store and I want to have 4 rows sewn together to have on display.  It might be a class that the owner will teach if there is enough interest in it.  I have 3 rows completed and one more block to do in this row, the "J".
I have seen some signs of spring out in my flower beds.  The sedum plants have new growth so it is time to go out and break off all of last years flower stems.  It might even be warm enough this week to enjoy that.


Sewing Junkie said...

Cute idea for an alphabet quilt. The signs of Spring are here to, but we also have sleet and snow in the forecast for this weekend. My husband put the snow shovels in the garage yesterday that is why it is going to snow. LOL Chris

Gerry said...

Last week a check of my sedum just barely showing - yesterday they were showing their new growth.
I'll be joining you in the garden picking off the old shoots and cleaning up in general.
oh, daffodils are 'bout seven inches tall so far.

Jackie said...

I like the letter K. Maybe because my last name begins with it. Yes, signs of spring seem to be cropping up. But Mother Nature does seem to always have one more snowstorm up her sleeve before April.

Jean said...

Very cute block. Interesting that the wiggly plaid makes the purple look sort of curved!
My greenery that marks the beginning of the Naked Ladies is popping through, as well as my Star of Bethlehem. We got rid of all our dirty snow over the weekend, so maybe spring is coming after all!

sosarahsew said...

My first crocus bloomed last week. Then yesterday I found my snow drops in bloom also. YOur kite and its cheerful colors are also signs of spring. I'm sure the piecing goes faster than the embroidery went - I can;t wait to see the finished quilt. Sarah

jovaliquilts said...

We've seen lots of new growth, more every day. I know it happens every year, but it's still exciting!

sally in st. paul said...

our sign of spring in st. paul is that the ice melted enough to release the reindeer (one of those with a frame covered in lights) so he can be taken down.
and here's a news item for those needing more Kaffe Fasset fabric- fabric.com has a sale at 3.95/yard until 3/22. This always causes a dilemma for me- take the great deal or support my lqs- I try to balance my shopping between the two.sally in st. paul

hetty said...

I love your kite block! That is certainly a sign of spring. I think I'll be joining you in the garden today.

belinda said...

This is a cute block Wanda....I must say...a little different than what we are used to seeing on your blog...I bet it is a cute top!
Your zig zag triangles are shaping up nicely too!
Glad to hear your dad is making headway and seems to be in a good place!!

Anonymous said...

I do like this. It reminds me of infant schools! I drew soooooo many of these for writing practise! But I really love your triangles. They were a real wow of colour! Sedums are peeping through here too. Pleased your Dad is settling in. Take care.

Cathi said...

What a fun quilt that would make for a child. Or for anyone, for that matter!
No real signs of spring here other than the fact it's unbelievably mild. Temps in the 50s in March? We're breaking records!!

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
That K block is so cute! Such fun colors (did you pick 'em?)

My sign of spring is the ice on the pond is melted and we have ducks! They were there even when there was a little melting on the edges. More snow due over the weekend but I suspect the ice will not re-form.

Vicky F