Monday, April 15, 2019

Yes, we got snow..............

There was snow on the ground when I got up and this is the scene at 1 p.m., still snowing.  It stopped for awhile around 3 and then there was more light snow later in the afternoon.  I'm guessing there is about 3" on the ground but a town 25 miles northwest of us had 7".
This is about 4 p.m yesterday and the birds were all flocking to the feeders and below them.  There is a mourning dove on the ground and a cardinal on the feeder at the right.  The rest are sparrows, chickadees and junkos.

Other than walking out to pick up my newspapers early in the morning I spent the day inside, nice and warm and dry.

I cut 2 more fabrics for the larger pieces in this quilt and got 2 more columns up on the design wall.  I didn't get around to looking for more triangle fabric.

While I watched TV last night I sewed the "pickle" Kona solid between triangles.  I still have to trim the tops into points.  I have paired up the rest of the triangles laying there.  The rest of these will be my TV sewing project all this week.

The last 2 white cactus blossoms have opened.  


patty a. said...

Bummer with having more snow! It was snowing and raining on my way to work this morning. It is still snowing, but not enough I think that there will be any accumulation. I really like the new quilt. I can see a lot of design possibilities with that block. I need make some baby girl quilts so I may have to give that a try. How big are your blocks? I like the final layout of the OBW top. The cactus flowers are so pretty.

Hedy said...

We had snow flurries and rain but a terrible cold wind yesterday. Love this new quilt top as usual and that white bloom is precious.

Needled Mom said...

Snow so late in the year is just insulting. I hope it melts quickly.

JJM said...

The weather kids are predicting snow off and on all week or us. But I'm hoping it won't hit the ground. You had quite a productive day, as usual. And I love the zig - zag piece.


Elaine/Muddling Through said...

My sister in Boulder has still been getting snow, too. Crazy weather all over.