Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I have been sewing the remaining strips onto my Kaffe stratas for a Trip Around the World.  I have just one more to finish and then I can press and start designing.

We had fog overnight on Sunday into Monday and it left an icy frosting on everything.  I didn't get out early enough to photograph it while it was shiny ice but I did get it before too much melting happened.  This is Goldenrod with frosting.  We didn't get any of the snow that covered the south.

My pop-up shop closes at 10 p.m. EST.  Last chance for the Kaffe fabric collections.


Kay said...

Looking forward to seeing how your trip around the world turns out. The fabric selection is beautiful

Needled Mom said...

That icy photo is so pretty. Those fabrics will make gorgeous stratas.

JJM said...

A cell tower went down in our valley and there was no internet service, cell phone service etc. through every one into a tizzy and I didn't even know it was off. it was just announced it was up and running again. So had to see if it was and checked your blog first. (*._.*). Nice to see you are stitching up stratas... And photographing your frosty foliage.

I'm over whelmed with all that I need to accomplish before Christmas. I think its really age related.