Friday, August 31, 2018

Red and pink crazy pieced top...........

I think it's name should be "Luscious".  Making the crazy pieced blocks depleted all of my red, pink, burgundy and coral batik scraps and I ended up cutting a strip off yardage to finish it.  There are a couple orange pieces in there too.  I thought I had a large enough piece of red batik to back it but I couldn't find any last night.  I do have enough of several regular printed cottons.  The ending size is 56.5" X 80.5".

I'm receiving a number of questions about the Colorwash online Course that will open for enrollment on Saturday. Thanks so much for your interest. 

Subscribers will have 24 hours early access to enroll and purchase kits. I have produced a limited number of kits, and you will also have the opportunity to purchase fabric packs from which you can cut the pieces yourself. (You still have time to get on the mailing list, click here.) 

Of course if you have a large stash, you can use your own fabrics too. I will be teaching how to select fabrics for Colorwash. But the kits and packs will be the ways to purchase small quantities of fabrics that work, versus 1/4 yards or other store minimums.

If you're a fan of my Colorwash wallhangings, you probably realize it takes practice to create the smooth gradation from light to dark as well as the smooth transition from one color to another. This skill of smooth transition crosses over to other patterns such as Trip Around the World... Learning how to create this smooth value and color gradation with my guidance will equip you to apply it in other quilt patterns as well.

What is unique about this first offering of the course, is that in addition to having access to the taped course, I will be hosting a 40 day Pop-Up Facebook group where you can post photos of your progress, get feedback, ask questions, and keep motivated to complete your project alongside other students. This 'virtual Workshop' will go from Oct 1-Nov 9. I don't know if I'll offer this again.

We'll share more about the course in the blog again tomorrow.


patty a. said...

The red and pink top turned out great. I am glad you are having a good response for your online course. You sure keep busy!

Hedy said...

I love the quilt you are holding. You’re looking good too.

Marnie Haines said...

Spectacularly luscious it is! The Colorwash class sounds like a wonderful opportunity to learn some new skills. The example you are holding in the photo is truly a winner, too. Marnie Haines

JJM said...

Luciously Delicious for sure. I think you should rename it, it's your design.

ALL you color wash quilts are wonderful, the one you showed today is extraordinarily spectacular, is that the one you designed for your daughter ?


Unknown said...

Hi Wanda, Could you tell us the cost of the course and the cost of the kits... as well what time tomorrow are you opening registration/purchase of kits? EST? PST?

Cathi said...

Luscious is absolutely luscious! I absolutely love all that red and pink - if I had to pick a favourite of your quilts, this might be it!