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Friday, March 18, 2016

More mug rug parts........

Here are more photos of potential mug rug mini quilt tops. 

This is the only group that is batiks today.

This group is 6" or smaller so they will need some additions.

I think this group is around 6" also.  These are a mix of batiks and regular quilting cotton prints in each block.

Leftover dotted fabrics from an all dots quilt that I made in 2006.

I added strips to 13 of them and then pressed and trimmed them.  I just cut them as large as I could so they vary anywhere from 6.5" to 10.5".  Most are rectangular.

My favorite pink cactus is blooming again.  The sunlight was coming through them this morning.



Charlene S said...

Interesting plan.

patty a. said...

Those will be some beautiful mug rugs! The cactus is so pretty! I think I will have my first daffodil bloom today. I saw a good bit of yellow on one last evening. With it being so warm and the brilliant sunshine they are starting to bloom!

Linda said...

Love your mug rugs. I've been thinking of making some and a couple table topper to donate to the silent auction a church in town is having this fall. Love the way you sliced and put little black strips in. Thanks for the idea.
Have a good weekend

Mary said...

So much eye candy!

Linda Swanekamp said...

All the blocks have so much color and life! I love how you put together different size blocks into a quilt. So exciting to look at.

cajunquilter said...

love the mug rugs. I have made a few over the years but none recently and none that I kept. Time to make some for me I think. Thanks for the inspiration!

JJM said...

Your mug rugs are as fascinating as your bigger blocks ! Just love them. Your blooming cactus will take you right into spring blossoms won't they ? Hard to believe but your temps in IL. are running cooler than ours out here in the mountains. Blooming Crocus are in everyones gardens but mine, I am anxious for my first blooms. By next week, all should be busting out.


Our daughter was home from Seattle for some spring skiing and she was thrilled to be watching our recording 'Restoration Wild' in the evening. So proud of your daughter and husband's project.

Mystic Quilter said...

I see a lot of mug rugs at your place before too long! Great idea for using up left over pieces for these.

Needled Mom said...

Your blocks all look so nice. The cactus is such a soft and pretty color.

Charlotta said...

That's A LOT of mug rugs! What do you do with all of them? You could've made at least one quilt out of all those squares instead of a herd of mug rugs!
I've always thought of making mug rugs, and once even bought some cork to put inside of them. But I've never yet made any! Still have the cork, of course. Do you just put batting in yours? The cork idea might be a very bad one, because it might make them unwashable, but it was supposed to ensure there would be no soaking through in case you had a very wet pop can or a glass with a very cold drink which would sweat a lot in the summer time. That kind of situation is much more likely to be encountered in my home than is a hot mug.
Maybe one day I will actually still make some mug rugs, with or without cork! I certainly have plenty of left over blocks hiding hither and yon which could be used! I've also thought it would be a good project for some of the mountains of selvages I'm accumulating!