Monday, March 28, 2011

Sewing circle day

Last night I cut some blankets and shirts for the preemies for our church sewing circle which meets today. 

Here is a link (scroll down on that post) to another piece I did with tiny bits of batik like the ones I used in yesterday's journal quilt.

I have had a lot of questions in the comments lately.  I have NO way to respond to several of you.  Please use my email link on the right sidebar if you don't have a Google account with your email enabled.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have. 
I will answer a couple here: the question about I wind bobbins of neutral thread, would I show the backs of my quilts.  I don't quilt with neutral thread, I always use a print, usually very busy on the back, and I use thread in a color to match the backing. 
Another, what kind of machine do I have because she is in the market for one:  my machines are 12-18 years old and I have several, and a couple different brands.  My Pfaffs are old and reliable, I'm not sure if the new ones are as good.  My Babylock straight stitch machine is wonderful, model is still available.  I would trust anything that Babylock makes.

Also there is a search box in the upper left corner of the blog.  If you type in what you are looking for, it will bring up every post with the words in it.


Gene Black said...

And for anyone looking for a machine, I echo Wanda's sentiment. I have a Babylock Espire (now called the Symphony- they renamed it) and haven't had a minute's trouble out of it.

karenfae said...

I have had comments also with no way to reply - I think a lot of people don't realize we can not see their e mail address unless they let us.

Needled Mom said...

Those fabrics looks so soft for babies.

I agree that I don't think you can go wrong with a Babylock.

Judy said...

Making quilts for preemies must be a very rewarding way to spend your time. Congrats on taking the time to brighten their lives with your creativity. I'm sure their families really appreciate all that your group does.

Pat said...

I have had Babylok's for years and have loved them all. I even have a couple of Babylok sergers. I highly recommend them.

Jean said...

My granddaughter was born last week - a preemie. She came home with a fleece blanket made by elementary school children. So sweet. Because of her low body temp, this little fleece has stayed with her.