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Friday, July 16, 2010

Humidity dropping..........Yay!!!

I started the hand stitching on the binding while I caught up on "Lie to Me" on my computer.  I forgot to watch it Monday night.  The binding fabric looks great with the backing fabric too.

I made 6 more blocks and then added one more round to all of the blocks that I made previously.  They will now finish at 9".  I have no idea what layout I will do because I want to make at least 48 more blocks before I decide.  I don't think it will be a traditional log cabin layout.  These are all batik fabrics.

I finished mowing the 2 side yards yesterday morning before it got too hot.  I finally convinced the leaders at the place my Dad lives that his air conditioner was not working when the temperature and humidity went up.  They kept checking in the morning (when it was working so-so) but by afternoon and evening his apt. was 82 degrees and humid.  They replaced his unit with one from an empty apt. and when I picked him up for his dr. appt. his apartment was cool.  His attitude had improved dramatically too.  I hate to have to be the bad guy and demand something is done, but Dad can't do it for himself.

Last night the humidity started dropping and it cooled off enough to open windows for sleeping.  It's supposed to get up to 90 again today though and close to 100 by a week from now.


hetty said...

Your binding looks great with the front and the back! Can't wait to see your non-traditional log cabin layout. Glad you were there for your Dad when he couldn't speak for himself. Stay cool!

Jackie said...

Love Lie to Me! My daughter and I always schedule our time to watch it together. I was binding while watching too. Love the log cabin progress too. So glad you were able to get your Dad's air conditioner changed out. That would definitely put me in cranky mood too.

Gene Black said...

I agree with Hetty. I can't wait to see how you do the layout for the log cabins.

kheli said...

Sometimes you have to be the bad guy to take care of someone. I am proud of you for doing it! I am not sure what your philosophy in life is, but as a Christian, I applaud you for the way you continue to fulfill the first Commandmanet: Honor thy Father and thy Mother.

I love your work!

Ruth Anne Olson said...

Do you have A/C in your studio? My dehumidifier is giving off so much heat that it's about as unbearable there as in the rest of the house.

Sharon said...

I figure we have to look out for our elders as you stated, he can't do it for himself. I dread the day my dad isn't on his own, and even now, he gets checked in on by us 3 girls almost daily. (via phone). Yes, binding is great with the back too. Good pick!

karenfae said...

The binding looks terrific on that quilt - I love the colors.
I have withdrawal from tv, I have not watched any in two weeks!

LC said...

Quilts are great, as always. From my experience with my parents where they lived those last years, the caregivers do not mind when family gets involved. They are short-staffed and cannot always see what needs to be changed or done. You are a "good guy" and helping them out!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Can't wait to see what layout options you come up with!

Cathi said...

Chocolate and Caramel looks fabulous with that binding.
I'm really curious to see what layouts you come up with for your batik log cabins. I love what I see already.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cathi, your Chocolate and caramel quilt is fabulous, rich warn colors.

Todays layout of your log cabin is like ribbons twisting in the soft summer breeze.


Pammyfay said...

The chocolate/caramel quilt is absolutely yummy! Love the backing fabric,too. Can't wait to see it all quilted!