Saturday, October 24, 2009

Class today and color in the yard

The last class of Strips that Sizzle (Margaret J. Miller) is today at the quilt shop in town. I did one more layout to show them. I hope they have a lot of blocks made to play with.My burning bush is the prettiest red. It was still drizzling when I took this (1.75" rain in 2 days). Last year's picture was taken with the sun shining on it but I wasn't sure the leaves would still be there by the time we get a sunny day this year. They said on the news we have had some rain on 17 of the last 23 days. Most of it was light rain.
the lightest color hostas all turned a deep gold this year as they started dying. I think we usually get a heavy frost and are just gone and they have had a longer dying season this year.

There is warmer weather coming back the middle of next week. Maybe I can get a little outside work done, like bringing in the hoses and moving all of the porch pots.


Eva said...

What a great sight, the Burning Bush! I saw some in our park, they are just pink. Amazing.

Needled Mom said...

Just catching up here after being gone for a few weeks.

It's fun to see all the experimenting that you have done with the colors and to see the student's work.

The autumn colors on your bush are really stunning.

Lucette said...

The burning bush is my favourite this time of year, and yours is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Really like this layout of the Strips/Sizzle with the lighter squares around the edges.
Even with all this rain and cooler temps hasn't this been a great year for color ? My maple tree has never been redder and the leaves are just beginning to fall.

julia said...

I love your quilt!
Your bush is unbelievably beautiful!! My hostas are sad looking after a few hard frosts last week!

Jackie said...

Love the layout and the colors remind me of crocus or iris. Just beautiful! Tomorrow, the hubs and I are getting outside to do some trimming. Today it is raining.

jovaliquilts said...

Those strips really are sizzling! I love purple and green together, too. This is the first year our hostas have turned deep yellow and we thought there was something wrong with them! But everyone is remarking on it, and I'm glad to hear you say it's normal. It's been just a spectacular autumn this year.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love that Strips that Sizzle layout and your amazing colors! And your burning bush is awesome - would love to have that in my yard.

quiltmom said...

What glorious color inside and outside-
Your strips that sizzle quilt is another stunning variation- Attic windows designs really give a three d effect- like you are looking into the quilt.
Thanks for sharing your autumnal leaves- we had snow a couple of weeks ago and the trees really hadn't turned prior to that time- now they are mostly brown - not much gorgeous fall color here this year.
Hope all is well with you.

Cathi said...

All that gorgeous colour -- your quilt and the fall foliage. All amazing and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your purple and green piece is stunning.

Your burning bush is absolutely grand. If it is drizzling you sure can not tell by that bush.

Fun to see your students work that you posted on Friday.


imquilternity said...

Wow...your burning bush is glorious! I don't know that I've ever seen one in person. I wonder if they even grow out my way?

Jean said...

I see I commented on the wrong days comments, that's what happens when you read 2 at a time! Your burning bush is gorgeous. We have had rain, rain rain here too...I think tomorrow might be better.

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Your burning bush is gorgeous! Ours never get full sun so they get a little red tinged, but never scarlet.

In your previous post, did the student who did wonky disappearing 9-patch do it on purpose? The effect is very interesting!
Vicky F

Anonymous said...

I really like the purple and green quilt layout.

Meggie said...

Visiting your blog is such a feast!

QuiltSue said...

The Burning Bush is stunning as is your quilt layout. Hope your students have as much fun playing with their layouts as we have had looking at yours.