Saturday, February 9, 2013

Choosing a backing......

I spent a long time going through my large pieces of flannel to find a backing for the Stack and Slash quilt.  I had enough of this pink print (purchased at a great sale price) but I didn't think it related well enough to the front of the quilt.  I found several more that looked good but there wasn't quite enough of any of them.
I had pulled out this boring beige flannel when I was choosing fabrics for the front but decided to look for a different one.  In the end this is the one that looks the best.
It is actually a Moda Christmas fabric from about 15 years ago.  It says Peace on Earth below every little drawing of buildings.  I know I bought it on sale at the end of the season and I actually have enough left over to make a couple matching pillowcases.
Rattlesnake progress:  I got 2 more blocks made.  It takes about an hour for each which includes tearing out the paper.  It happens to be newsprint paper in this pattern and it tears out easily.  All of you that do paper piecing know what my floor looks like in the studio after tearing out the papers.  No matter now neat you try to be, little pieces of paper fly onto the floor.
I did a favor for a friend and she surprised me back with a gift certificate to Batiks Etcetera.  I had a lot of fun shopping at their site and was surprised to get an email the same afternoon that the package had been shipped. 


Needled Mom said...

Ah yes....those lovely little bits of paper!!!

I think the backing you selected will be perfect with the quilt. It is going to be one comfortable quilt!

suemac said...

Looks like you had fun shopping online.

JJM said...

Beige is never boring Wanda, to someone like me that wears it a lot. (*._,*) I think it is a perfect backing, we all want peace on earth no matter what time of year it is.

Photo #1 gave the beige a definite khaki cast. Photo 2 gave it a nice rosy glow. Same fabric but with different camera angels, made it look like two different fabrics.

Shake Rattle and Rolling right along with your rattlesnake blocks.

Love those batiks !


JJM said...

Just finished a quick browse through Batiks Etcetera... and had to send a note back to tell you I will go back and get serious. It is a fantastic array of fabrics.


Cathi said...

What a wonderfully cozy quilt that's going to be -- and it couldn't be more appropriate right now when I look out and see a foot of snow!

Angel and Kirby said...

Pretty Batiks! Yes, paper piecing is messy, but fun. My Applique has been messy, too because I used Applique Fuse and Fix on all the pieces ant had to take the paper off all those leaves!

Leslie said...

Love your new batiks - and your Stack & Slash quilt. Very pretty colors, and I love that design.

Miranda said...

What a pretty blackbirds...are they in quiltfabric? That would be very nice for my black and white dear Jane....can you tell me were you found that one please?????
Greetings from the Netherlands.