Monday, May 24, 2021

Triangles and peonies............

 I have 110 triangle squares sewn now.  More cutting is needed to make the remaining 70.  They are stacked in piles of 10 so I can keep track better.

This is still the only Peony plant that is blooming and this view is from my kitchen window.

This plant is right below the kitchen window and has a few more days before blooming.  It is supposed to be mid 80s for the next 3 days before we go into a cool spell.  I expect a couple more colors to bloom before Thursday.

This is the Coral Bell plant that I showed yesterday and I thought it would come out in 3 pieces.  Well it came out in 10+ pieces.  I will plant a couple pieces in pots and try to get the rest in the ground.  It was cloudy yesterday so it only got up to 79 and was a better day for digging.


Julierose said...

Really pretty peony color--nice view...;))
Hugs, Julierose

patty a. said...

That is a nice pile of triangle pieces! The peony is so pretty! Everyone of those pieces of cora bell no matter how small will grow. They would look pretty planted in mass.

Needled Mom said...

That peony is gorgeous. Enjoy those warm days.

JJM said...

Your neat and tidy piles are building up such suspense, anxiously waiting to see what you create on the wall.

Years and years ago (like about 70) living in IL. I fondly remember my Moms long row of peonies that always bloomed the week leading up to Memorial Day. Yours brings back those memories every time I see yours. Thank you ~


Linda Swanekamp said...

My shrub peonies are not blooming yet, but the tree peonies are in full symphony.