Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy day

Here is another piece of fabric I found while I was moving lots of my stash.  It is from 1981 from the Yours Truly company in Atlanta, GA.

I worked at Quilter's Heart until 1:30, came home and took a nap and went to Computer Club at night.  I got some more strips sewn together but didn't get them made into 16 patches yet.  I'm also cleaning the basement for Monday when my art quilters group comes so I clean a little, sew a little.  It has turned really chilly and dreary the last couple days.  Sun is predicted for tomorrow.  I hope the clouds heard that!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is chilly here at home in Arkansas too - at least it isn't so windy now!! I plan on getting out and taking a walk today. House stuff can wait now that the camper is unpacked and laundry is caught up.

Unknown said...

Love that little bit of fabric! How true are those sayings. I must tell you that these shorter days definitely make me more sleepy and wish I could nap too. I think I may have to do that today.

Donna said...

What treasures you have in your stash! I could have used that "barefeet prohibited" sign when my kids were young!
Here in northern Alberta (Canada) we've not had too many dreary days - lots of blue, blue skies and sunshine, although it is getting colder every day now that winter's on it's way. Enjoy your day - hope the sun comes out for you.

Lynette said...

Haha! That is such great fabric. :D

Anonymous said...

I can see why this piece is in your stash. Sure is a timeless fun piece.

While helping the owner of Quilter's Heart, did you find a piece or two to take home ? So sad to learn another fabric shop had to close it's doors. The private shops offer so much more than the chain stores out there.


Anonymous said...

Hey! id you see that there are many Kaffe prints on sale at Hancocks of Paducah?

I shop on line there.

Julie in WA said...

"Bare Feet Prohibited"
Ha ha. We needed that when we were growing up. Mom's sewing machine was in the family room, AND the whole house was carpeted with the all new-at-that-time shag carpet. Yep, the pins would drop and disappear until such time that someone stepped on them ...and OUCH!

Then again, it was lots of fun to vacuum and hear those pins clickety clack up the vacuum hose!

Gari in AL said...

Your fabric would make a great "door hanging" for the door to my studio: all glass. Unfortunatly I am barefoot in there 3 seasons of the year so I guess I would be violating it, wouldn't I?

Lynne said...

What amusing fabric!