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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kansas Dugout....

I have always like the Kansas Dugout block.  It is sometimes used as a signature block.  My grandpa lived in Kansas and we visited him when I was 8 years old.  Maybe that is the connection for me.  This page is from "Continuing On #4 1/2" by Mary Ellen Hopkins, part of her Connecting Up series.
When I saw the die was available for my Studio die cutter, I had to have it.  It will pair up with 3" finished triangles to finish the block, and yes I have that die too, 6 in a row for fast cutting.  I have no idea what fabric I will use for the triangles.
Here is a quilt with this block and plain squares, so simple but neat.  This one is from "Connectors Collection #4 11/12" by Mary Ellen Hopkins.  There are several others in the book that use this block.  It also makes a nice border block.
Today the art quilters are coming.  It is going to be scorching hot again.  I have a nail in one of the rear tires on my van so my brother is going to fix it for me later in the afternoon.  I hope I don't have any emergencies to have to leave home before then.  I found the low tire when it was time to pick up supper for Dad last night so my brother brought the portable air compressor over and we got through the evening.  Dad was in rare humor last night talking in rhymes.  We just listen to him and humor him because not a lot of it makes any sense.  He seemed happy though which is a good thing.  Sometimes he seems to be off in another zone and has very little to say to us when we visit.  Knock on wood we haven't been to the emergency room for 7 months!!


Impera_Magna said...

Oh, I love this... Kansas Dugout is one cool block... so many possibilities! How exciting!

Lynne said...

Ooo, I like that block too. Stop it, Wanda, stop it! LOL

Glad your dad is in fine humour - even if you don't understand him.

Gene Black said...

Cool block, I wish they had the die for the GO! cutter.

Glad to hear that Dad is doing well. My brother and I sometimes talk in rhyme to annoy his children. Sometimes it doesn't make sense either. The good thing is that it keeps connections open in the brain.

dianen said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing well even if he's talking in rhymes. At least he's happy.

I think the people who make this accu-quilt machine better start paying you a commission. I am barely controlling myself here. I think I want one!!!!!

Chris said...

What a blessing that your dad is happy! My mother in law is in a nursing home with alzheimers, but at least so far, she is happy too, although is confused. As they say in Minnesota, it could be worse!
I too love that block. I've made at least 3 signature quilts with that block, including one for each daughter when they turned 16.

karenfae said...

that is the same block I am using on the quilt top I will be piecing on road this fall - I knew I had seen a quilt with that design but couldn't remember - and here it is an old pattern and I found it on a modern blog as a new pattern!! I just knew I was familiar with it and couldn't place it.

Needled Mom said...

That die does make up into a great block.

Glad to read that your dad is content. That makes such a difference and no ER visits makes for a happy life.

Good luck with the tire.

hetty said...

Another one of those wonderfully simple blocks - but very effective!
Hope you get your tire fixed. We had the same thing happen to our van a couple of weeks ago.

Muddling Through said...

That looks so pretty! Wouldn't some of the Kaffe's be pretty in the middle? The illustration at the top reminds me of an egg carton. LOL

Anonymous said...

The block may be simple but the varieties that it produces is what amazes me.

Have fun today with your Art Quilters.

Your Dad talked in rhymes last night... My mother in law spoke in numbers. As we age, our brain seems to do it's own thing to us, like it or not. IF I am around at their ages I do not even want to think of what may come out of my mouth. (*._,*)


Cathi said...

There are so many possibilities with that shape! And it's fun to stitch.
We've got a heat alert again. It was really hot/humid last night.

Pat said...

That is a neat block. And lucky you that you have that new toy to play with. It is too hot to do much of anything. I am working on designing my narrow quilt for the window next to my door. I decided on Drunkard's path putting it into circles. I had to draw my own templates as I wanted them a smaller size. Now I am trying to decide what colors to put with what colors. It is great that Dad has been well all these months. Try to stay cool!!!

Belinda said...

Sometimes these simple blocks can be most effective!!!

So glad you had an easy time with your Dad last evening!!

matilde said...

Me encantaría poder tener una maquinita de cortar,pero a qui es España no hay y pedirla sale muy cara un saludo y me gusta tu blog.

Vivian said...

Oh, the fun you are having with that machine. Squares and triangles and apple cores I'd expect. This block surprised me. They're going together quickly.
It's always nice to make a block with a connection to us personally--our names, our states, our vocations, our favorite things.

It's nice to know that your father is comfortable and apparently happy. Some time ago a friend described her mother as "delightfully confused." I thought that was a cruel description, but she explained that her mother was in a different world, but she was totally happy there, comfortable and at peace.