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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Garden clean up, putting stuff away......

I worked outside today while it was still cool.  A couple hot days are coming on Thurs. and Fri.  I have 3 of my porch pots moved to garden spots to have the porch clear for company.  Then I carried things that don't belong in the dining room to hiding places.  I finally made it to the basement in the evening to play.
I cut some more triangles from the remaining Liberty of London fabrics but couldn't cut the fabric above.  That is 9" from left to right to give you an idea of the size of the print.  I also cut the 2 other fabrics I showed yesterday.
Then I added the new fabrics to the design wall.  I ordered one more quarter yard bundle of mostly blues and greens so I'll wait for them before I go any farther on this piece.
The squirrels have been busy chewing off the green coating on the walnuts.  They always choose the same branch to sit on to do it.


HollyM said...

I love the triangles. I was looking at the Aququilt cutters while I was away. I think you use the Go Baby. The shop owner was trying to convince me I'd be happier with the bigger one.
It's not something I can afford right now, but I'm looking.

Mary said...

I love the fact that you use so many different fabrics in your quilts. Do you have an estimate of how many you will use in this one?

A Quilter Awakens said...

Oh dear, I could never cut into that teapot fabric either; it is so unique. Karmen

karenfae said...

after seeing all of your triangles and diamonds I have been thinking I need to take at least one of my small boxes of scraps with me on our trip and start cutting everything in one box into just one shape and have them ready for a big, big scrap quilt.

Char said...

Wanda, I love that fabric the background color just makes the other colors work.

Our squirrels are eating Hickory nuts now and what a mess they're making.

Needled Mom said...

No, I think the teapot fabric needs to be in large blocks rather than be cut up.

Love the triangles!!! That will be wonderful.

Is Mr. Squirrel getting redy for fall? Glad that you were able to get out and get the yard work done.

Belinda said...

Crazy wonderful teapot fabric! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy catching up with all your posts. Today's post, teapot fabric is wonderful. I love it ! Is it a new piece ? And your triangles are exciting to say the least. The black is wonderful.

Diamonds, are like candy.... just delicious to look at. As all your fabrics are.

I did make it into "The Stichin' Post" fabric store in Sisters, OR. I walked in and my heart started to race. A wonderful shop to say the least and not all that large either. A new shop just opened, "Buckeroo Fabrics"... catering to children's prints. I was surprised to find only one fabric shop in Sister's for their quilters. Their reputation for it's quilt show is so great, I expected more.


Funoldhag said...

That is so rich and beautiful. You do just wonderful work, Wanda. I check your blog every day!

Superior Threads said...

I love your colors. It makes me want to gather fabrics and do the same.
And, your squirrel is pretty darned cute too.
Superior Threads

Vivian said...

I'd also hesitate putting a blade of any sort to those teapots. They're so unique.
The triangles are going to make a lovely quilt.

Cathi said...

I'd really hesitate to cut into those teapots too! Think I'd make that fabric the centrepiece of a quilt with some pieced blocks surrounding it.
The squirrel shot made me smile.

Jean said...

Love the teapots! I have a hard time cutting into fabrics sometimes too, just too pretty to cut.

Lynne said...

I think I would have trouble cutting into that fabric too!

the triangles are looking good.

ThatGirlFarms said...

Love the squirrel pictures, they are one of my favorite animals. ((: