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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last QOV sew in day of the year

This is one of the blocks we will be making today at our sew in.  I like to sew triangles together, so I have been doing them in between other projects.  It is going to be cold again today, like yesterday not even reaching 20 degrees.  My van sits in a heated garage most of the time.  I hope it doesn't mind sitting outside all day tomorrow.


karenfae said...

so lucky to have a heated garage! My car sits out in my driveway day after day - most of the time I don't mind but when it is cold I wish I could turn it on from the house and get the heat going :) my car I'm afraid is too old for that feature - my daughter has it on her car and loves it. (cold here too but will be in the 40's by midday)

HollyM said...

That looks like a very easy block. i wonder what it would be like scrappy. I have a box full of pre cut squares that could be used for the triangle blocks. What is the name of it please? I also have one of those flip card books with all the blocks and the sizes to cut the pieces.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Icy cold here too but no snow on the ground yet. I love thosse Lindt truffles too! I am going to look for them now.

Got to run for two things this morning.

Love all the embroidery with the flannel...I would add a border too. It is so snuggly looking.

dls said...

Your photo of these blocks makes me smile..... have always loved the "churn dash" pattern. Thanks for sharing one of my favorites!

Am heating the car now for a trip to get a hair cut...28º here in Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow Wanda... you find the best fabrics. Two fabrics with stars... could not ask for anything better for those triangles.

Lindt... Lindor Truffles ~ I MUST keep up with you. (*._,*) You always have the best taste in everything.


Muddling Through said...

Must be wide-spread cold going on here. We're in the mid-forties right now and that's very cold for us! The blocks look good. Be sure to show what you get accomplished, please.

hetty said...

Oh, so that is what the Thangles were for. I love the churndash block. A nice quick block for a quilt. It is cold here too! It never went above freezing today.

Purple Pam said...

The churn dash pattern is one of my favorites. Your blocks are so clean and crisp looking. Love those Lindt candies.

Joan said...

So pleased someone loves triangles - I think I need more practise. Block looks great :)