Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday......Winding Ways day

I spent a portion of the day yesterday with friends, fellow mid-arm and long-arm quilters for show and tell and lunch.  On the way home I needed a battery for my watch which I had been without for 2 days.  It's amazing how many times I looked at my empty wrist.  Last night I made 12 more Winding Ways blocks.  I just have 16 to go for the first batch of 72.

It was over 70 degrees yesterday and is supposed to be warm today too.  I really need to get my bushes trimmed today.


hetty said...

Love those Winding Ways - especially the green one! It was warm here too. I love this kind of weather. Happy Bush Trimming!

Needled Mom said...

Such pretty eye candy!!

I know what you mean without having your watch on your wrist. Who knew we looked at our watches so often???

karenfae said...

It is very nice here right now too - I am enjoying the mild weather because it sounds like it will be changing by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Do most of the ladies own mid-arms for their own personal use or for a business ? Had to be a fun and informative show 'n tell and lunch.

This this batch of winding ways fabrics the combinations are so pretty.


Sharon said...

"First" batch?? How many are you making! They are beautiful.

Cathi said...

Oh, how I love those Winding Ways blocks! How many are you making?
The day I quit working in an office was the day I took off my watch -- and have never worn one since! No more tracking my time in 6-minute increments!

Millie said...

I love your winding ways in batiks. I made 4 blocks and put them back in a box. Do you have a longarm?

Vivian said...

Our warmer-than-normal temps are going to disappear in a flash. But isn't it great to walk outside in early November without a hat, heavy coat, and mittens?

Your winding ways blocks are going together so quickly. Do you pin much as you sew the curved seams? I went back through your photos and didn't see any pins.