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Friday, November 19, 2010

Didn't make it to the sewing machine......

This is as close as I got to sewing.  I pulled the next 2 stacks of hand dyed fabrics out to see if I had paired them very well before my friend cut them.  I think I may need to do some shuffling.

I went to embroidery club in the afternoon and computer club at night so it was a learning day.


Sewing Junkie said...

Treasures. I wish I was so organized. Today I have to get to the sewing room.Up early to make the effort. Have fun sewing Chris

Jackie said...

Sometimes it is nice just to play with the shapes. I look at it this way, at least you were able to feel the fabric in your hands. Still fun.

Linda M said...

Yummy fabrics as usual - the way they're lined up makes them look like candy jellies, hard to resist.

What are you working on in embroidery club? Besides the finishing class, do you still teach every now and then? I figure with Christmas fast approaching, there'd be more demand on your time down at the shop.

Now I hafta pull myself away from this 'puter and get busy - I have a lot of sewing to get done before next month! My car's in the shop today, so I can't run "at large".

karenfae said...

those hand dyes are really pretty. I didn't think I was going to get any sewing done yesterday and then finally got my act together and did a little bit for an hour - just enough time to get something done.

Cathi said...

Those fabrics are all so delicious! That is going to be a stunning Winding Ways quilt!

Terri said...

I can always count on an interesting and colorful blog time with you, Wanda. Embroidery class sounds like fun... Love to see some.
<3 Terri

hetty said...

Embroidery class? Is that machine embroidery? Love the colours of your fabric.

Kim said...

This is a great pattern....I have made several of these quilts.
I'm surprised to see you cutting the notch for lining up the curved pieces...does this help you?
I found it easier to just make a quick fold while at the machine to match the two centers then stitch around evenly without pins......it gets really easy with a tiny bit of practice.
These colors are just terrific!

Happy sewing