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Friday, April 29, 2016

Clearing off the design wall...............

I needed to take some photos of quilts yesterday so I took down the colorwash that has been on the design wall for over a week.  I got up with a headache yesterday morning.  Storms had rolled through after midnight with thunder that woke me.  I didn't get much accomplished beyond listing some items for sale on my Wandaful blog.  I was in bed early compared to my normal late schedule.  This morning I'm taking my car into the repair shop to fix the shrieking brakes so I'll take a quilting book to read.


Quiltdivajulie said...

We were supposed to have rain but it hasn't shown up yet. Hope your headache is better and the brake job goes smoothly without too much additional cost.

Hedy Hahn said...

I went to bed early last night too and slept wonderfully. Saw your items for sale on your Wandaful blog and they are so beautiful. I am on a fabric/quilt diet right now otherwise I would pick up one of those colorwash wall hangings. Very beautiful. Hope you are OK now.