Saturday, April 10, 2010

This and that day

It was one of those days of errands.  I was still putting things away in the basement after painting the wall.  I only had energy left for cutting by evening.  If you haven't heard of the project that Bumble Beans is doing, you might want to check out her blog to see a picture of the type of quilts she is making.  Here was her original story and request:
A few weeks ago I had read in the paper about homelessness in the U.S. right now

and was astounded by the numbers for homeless families... particularly in NYC.

I called up a friend of mine, who I knew runs an organization for getting families back into homes

from all walks of life. The organization Basics Inc. does so much more that this

like heath care, rehab, training. housing etc.

but I asked, Hey! can your organization take any quilts?

He said, do you have 700?

Well, I can tell you that really struck a cord with me...
So I went up a week or so ago, to the South Bronx, and toured their organization, met some families, brainstormed ideas, and I plan on doing a few other things with them to help out and do my part...

For a start: Is a donation quilt for their auction in Sept.
So I am going to ask for helpers!
I'd like to invite all of you who care to help To make me one 10 1/2" HOUSE block. sewn down will be 10"

Then later she asked for 10.5" squares of fabric to use as filler blocks, and backing, and bindings.  We all have fabrics that we don't need any more.  I started cutting 10.5" squares last night and have 46 of them so far.  I'm sure I'll find more to cut, plus I will send her a few backings. 


Jackie said...

I thought this was such a worthy cause and wonderful idea that I contacted Victoria and will be doing the quilting on these quilts! I am very excited to help out also. There are so many ways that people can assist and it is terrific to watch every one participate.

A Quilter Awakens said...

Nice! Thanks for telling us about Bumble Beans. Karmen

Quiltdivajulie said...

I definitely have some fabrics that can be cut into 10.5" squares ... far better than their staying in my stash! Thanks for the heads up, Wanda!

sosarahsew said...

When are you sending yours off? I can contribute also and split the postage.


Maria said...

Was great to read Bumble Beans blog. I love making quilts for charity too as there are also many needy folk in Australia too.

Last year when we had the big bushfires in Victoria and many lives were lost,a wonderful lady organised the collection and distribution of the quilts. Over 3000 were made by people from all over the world.

Sequana said...

I sent a few house blocks off to her last week. It's nice to see how much participation she's getting.

Diane said...

Thanks for letting us know about the need for squares Wanda. I will be happy to participate. Isn't it something that in our country of so much wealth and excess that so many people are in need of the basic necessities of life?

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'm up to about 30 quilts right now! The more 10.5" blocks I get the more they get! thank you thank you!

Kristin L said...

I could probably help out. :-)

I'm off to check out the link and see what kind of deadline there is.