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Thursday, April 15, 2010

More garden, no sewing.

The redbud trees are starting to bloom.  With another day in the 80's they may open all the way today.

Violets popped up fast and bloomed immediately. 

I love the hostas when they first come up.  I notice one of those creeping weeds there too in that flower bed.

How many shades of green do we have here?

Lots of color in this flower bed of heuchera.  I see 4 varieties there.  I think I have 6 different ones all together in this area.

I was glad to see one plant of Forget me Nots survived the digging for the new gas meter to be put in.

I am teaching Bento Box today.  We couldn't come up with  2 dates that worked so it will be one long day class.


Sewing Junkie said...

Spring has sprung, but we are to get pretty chilly in the next couple nights. I have tomatoes growing in the house and thye need to be in the ground, but to cool for that. You are farther along than what I am. Chris

Cathie said...

Hi Wanda! Aren't those redbuds just gorgeous. I'm in North Carolina and they are everywhere. I just looked to see where you are - but can't tell. My hostas are up too and thus far - the deer haven't found them. But they WILL!
The colors in your beautiful garden are second ONLY to the colors in your beautiful quilts!

Susan said...

Loving all the stuff popping up in the yard. Don't you just love hostas! Anything that comes back year after year and lives in the shade, can't beat it.

Looks like we had the same idea for a post today!

The Calico Cat said...

Can I come for the class? I think that all I need is some organized time set aside to do mine. :o)

hetty said...

Love your early spring garden. I have done a bit of gardening every day this week. It cuts into my sewing time, but it's springtime and I can't get enough outside time!

karenfae said...

Your plants are beautiful. I love spring but do not love the allergies that come with it! I will be glad when the heavy pollen leaves our area so I can enjoy the outdoors more.

Char said...

Love the garden pictures. Except for the red bud it looks like we have a lot of the same plants. I haven't seen any for get me nots, so I assume mine are gone. Do you have hickory trees?

Marie said...

Our redbuds are 'leafing' out like mad so the pink is fading more everyday. Right now it is wisteria and azalea's of every color everywhere you look.

Melody Johnson said...

It's funny how similar our gardens are, plant-wise. I am missing my IL garden less and less as those plants in my TN garden begin to flourish. The new baby lilac is attracting butterflies like crazy. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, Love your garden shots! Didn't know
you had Forget-me-nots. Beautiful! Did your
Jack-in-the-pulpit return! jmh

True Blue Nana said...

Love the redbuds and Hostas. Yes this time of year it is hard to decide whether to sew or work in the yard. Today the yard won.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your photo's today... Redbud tree shows spring is in full bloom in Sandwich. I dearly LOVE VIOLETS, and to see the 'uncurling' of your Hostas shows it's exquisite beauty.


Linda Moran said...

Your hosta blooms are fabulous! I so miss all the "normal" spring growth we don't get in the desert! When I retire, there's a spring trip planned to the east to enjoy every single flower and make Lilac Sunday up at Shelburne Farms in Vermont!