Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back to cutting..........

Normally all of the pieces are already cut when I start a colorwash.  They are laid out in trays by color and value.  In this case however I'm using a new smaller rectangle and finishing the cutting as I design and it is going S.L.O.W.

I cut for over 2 hours and this is where I was by 4 p.m. yesterday.
This is the photo from 2 days ago for contrast.  I have enlarged the yellow/orange area and filled in more of the green area.  Last night I worked on it a little longer and am almost done.  I need to fill in with the 2" squares on the top and bottom.

My sewing while I watched TV was more strip sets for the project I showed yesterday.

I took photos of some more signs of spring.  It looks like I will have a whole bouquet from this bunch.  We finally got some rain yesterday afternoon and you can see in this "before" photo we needed it.

The Pulmonaria/Lungwort continues to fill in at the base of an old Redbud tree.


Linda Swanekamp said...

I opened up the photos side by side so I could compare the two and learn what you did. It is a painstaking process. It looks terrific.

Lisa C said...

When my scrap basket (a medium sized wire trashcan) would get full I'd start a scrappy quilt. It took three or four of these to give myself "permission" to cut pieces from fat quarters in my stash if I wanted to add a certain color or print. I'm not sure why I needed permission to enjoy this freedom. It's all fabric! Anyway, I was relieved/happy/excited/thankful to see you cutting small pieces of fabric for your creations. I so enjoy the process as you create a colorwash.

Robby H. said...

It surprised me how different the feel is with the rectangles than the square. Both good, just different. I really learn a lot through your posts.

Mystic Quilter said...

I love watching the progression of your colour wash quilts! The rich colours merging along the outer of the quilt bring that centre glow out so beautifully, and those flashes of orange in the green are wonderful!
What size will this quilt finish at?