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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I would like to say I sewed............

Yesterday was recovery day from standing on the cement for 3 days getting ready for and then working at the garage sale.

I purchased a chair with motorized lift for Dad at the suggestion of the home health nurse.  We are pretty sure Dad has a cracked rib from his fall and it has been hard for him to get up out of his rocker-recliner.  I had to be available for the delivery and moving furniture around in the morning.  Then I had to run to the hardware store for a longer phone cord so I was able to check back to see how he was doing with the chair. 

I hope you enjoy more shots of the Red Admiral butterfly.  Thanks to Eva I knew what to type into search and I learned a little more about this butterfly species.

One more hot day and then our weather should break for cooler drier air.


Maria said...

Lovely pics of your Red Admiral.

Hope Dad is finding his new chair easy to use.

Jackie said...

Great photos of the Red Admiral. Glad to hear your dad now has a chair that will help him along.

Gene Black said...

I know there are times when my back was out that one of those chairs would have been a godsend.

karenfae said...

I knew someone that had that kind of chair and they loved it. I intend to always keep it in mind down the road for when I get can't move around good! The cooler weather sounds great - I am so looking forward to it.

Sewing Junkie said...

Glad the sale is over. Reswt your legs. The best medicine is to quilt. LOL I have been up early cutting out applique flowers. Chris ps. Thundering again

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Great photos of the butterfly. I think I have a couple of these in my yard, too. I didn't even notice the bits of blue on the wing until I clicked for a close-up.

I bet your plants are liking all the rain you've been getting. I call it "free water" (no bill from the township)

Vicky F

Needled Mom said...

Those chairs are fabulous. We had one for my dad and my FIL and they were amazing help.

Isn't it wonderful to get help like that from fellow bloggers? I love that part of blogging. It's like going to school and having fun at the same time!!!!

hetty said...

Hope you get a chance to do some sewing today. My husband bought me one of those 'electric' chairs when I was having mobility problems. It was a godsend. Love your Red Admiral photos!

quiltmom said...

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and getting some time to enjoy quilting. I thought of you yesterday when I was in a local quilt store- they brought in some Kaffe fabrics- nice to see them in real life. They were expensive $16 dollars a meter( slightly bigger than a yard) so I did not buy much- I bought a half of meter of four of them as they were particular patterns I had been looking for - Glad I was able to find some of my collection on line.
The butterfly is beautiful.
Hope the garage sale was a big success. It is always nice to get rid of things that a person no longer uses.

Cathi said...

Beautiful shots of the butterfly -- the last one is so sharp and crisp. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Saw some more Red Admirals this evening in my cone flowers. I wonder where they are coming from, as I never seen this particular butterfly before. Last year, there weren't that many butterflies, just a few monarchs.Interesting.

Susan said...

Butterflies and flowers, a great picture combination! Great shots.