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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cleaning and borders

I finally started cleaning my house.  I had a closet I never get anything out of so I figured I must not need what was in there.  There is going to be a neighborhood of garage sales this weekend so I might as well participate. 

Last night I quit cleaning and started sewing the borders on the QOV quilt tops.  I got them both done but took the picture after the first one was done.  I also bordered the twisted rail so 3 are ready for quilting.

Here is the first pair of favorite fabrics for the triangle quilt I showed a couple days ago.  The leaf print is a Nancy Crow fabric that is at least 12 years old and I will really be sad when it is all gone.


Sewing Junkie said...

When you get done cleaning your house I will come get you and you can do mine. The fabric is beautiful. It will be sad when it is gone, but you will find another favorite. Don't wear yourself out with the cleaning you need to sew today too. Chris

Jackie said...

What a great opportunity to get rid of some of the things in your home! I wish we would have a neighborhood tag sale. The QOV quilt is looking fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing what you will do with the fabrics. They are beautiful!

Julie Bagamary said...

OOO -really like the right fabric.

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt tops, and your border frames it to perfection.

What is it about leaves that all of us nature lovers are drawn too ? Great companion batik.


karenfae said...

Hey I have some closets like that in my house! Mainly my husbands part of the closet - he has so much stuff in there he never uses but refuses to part with things :)
Love the quilt.

Needled Mom said...

The RWB quilts are just wonderful.

I had some of that leaf fabric too. I loved it. Why don't they make it again?

Quiltdivajulie said...

Using up the last of a favorite fabric is bittersweet ... I too would be sad to not have those leaves in my stash (I just hope you put the last of it in a quilt that you love and can see often).

Muddling Through said...

That QOV border really "pops" it! Finishes are great. And that fabric is wonderful! I'd never seen either of those before.

hetty said...

Although I always say that I want to use up the fabric in my stash, I sometimes wish I had more of a favourite piece. I love your QOV quilts. How large are they? Just curious.

Vicky F said...

Hi Wanda,
Those QOV are looking great. Someone will love 'em, I'm sure.

it will be fun to see a quilt made totally of your favorite fabrics. I'm betting it will be gorgeous!

Vicky F

SheilaC said...

I have a couple of closets like that too!!! And some boxes in the basement.... got to get them emptied out one of these days :)


Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Nancy Crow we miss you and your magical fabric

Pam said...

I have the Nancy Crow fabric in the gray color way. It is lovely fabric.