Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cleaning a bit............

While attempting to clean off my cutting table I ran across this group of 40 strips for about the hundredth time.  I cut them when I was cutting for this quilt a few years ago.  I decided I will use them for a 16 patch but they would only make a quilt 40" x 64" - 40 blocks.  I will need 63 blocks to make a reasonable size quilt - 56" x 72".
First I separated them into light and dark to see how many of each value I need to add.
I pulled out some beiges and reds that will work.  But then I wondered if I wouldn't want both reds and blacks added for the darks instead of all red.

I pulled out some blacks that will work and now I need to decide which will be eliminated to give me just 10 extra dark fabrics.

My Columbines have sent up their tall stems with buds now.  One plant will be blue and I think the other is pale pink.  I have another about 8 feet from here that is dark pink.  I'm not sure where my deep rose ones are but I'll keep looking for them.

Just 2 days left for my pop-up shop.  It closes midnight EST tomorrow night.


Linda Swanekamp said...

What beautiful fabrics- especially the light values! Everything is crazy growing here, even the weeds!

diane said...

Every year it is a mystery as to where my Columbines will appear. They seem to like to move around the garden!

JJM said...

Fun to see your work in progress, have you ever calculated the time you put into a piece from beginning to end ? Just selecting the right fabrics is time consuming.

When your perennials take off they win the race. (*._.*) my columbine have been up for weeks but no buds even yet.


JJM said...