Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Colorwash sewn, and 2 together............

I finished the sewing and pressing and after I took this photo I did the staystitching around the edge so none of the ends of seams will pop open.

The back is nice and neat too.

I turned it 180 degrees so that the color orientation is the same as the one I made in November.  This new one on the left has more blue, purple and red.  The one on the right has more brown and orange.  They have about the same number of green pieces in each.  The one on the left has lighter color pieces in the center also as well as having a larger light area.  I worked from one of the 300 piece kits that I make on the piece on the right.  On the left I worked from my trays of pieces that have been cut over a 10 year period and there is a choice of about 1000 different fabrics.  I never know what size piece I am making or where I'm headed with percentages of colors when I start.
I have two more champagne color blooms in my indoor garden.


patty a. said...

Another beautiful colorwash! The blooms as gorgeous!

LynneP said...


JJM said...

I enjoyed your comparison critique of the two color washes. Both are extraordinarily beautiful !
Your champagne blossoms are lovely, such a treat to see your varieties of Christmas cactus blossoms.


P.S. can you believe I posted a comment this early in the day (*._.*)

Hedy said...

Love your color wash and the difference between the two as you described them. The champagne cactus is very different from anything I’ve seen before.

MissPat said...

Is every square in the watercolor different? I know you have so many to choose from that so they probably are. I just don't have enough light fabrics. Is it okay to repeat some?
I have to find one of those champagne colored cacti. I have lots of pinks, reds, orange and every variation thereof, but nothing like the champagne one. I do have a very pale pink one that is almost white.

Diane said...

Wanda, Every time you make a colorwash quilt, it becomes my new favorite.