Friday, November 10, 2017

Miscellaneous day................

Yesterday was one of those days, doing a little of this and a little of that.  I got several things put away and a little cleaning done, grocery shopping, filling the bird feeder, bringing in the amaryllis bulbs.  A cold front came through and there was a freeze warning overnight.
I do most of my knitting while watching the 10 o'clock news and weather.  I finished these 2 dishcloths in the last 3 weeks.

I wanted a photo of my pretty yellow tree before the freeze.  I'm sure it will drop most of its leaves in the next couple days.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

our trees seem to be at the same stage this year - we have had such a weird fall - the leaves are falling much earlier than normal although I still have some trees that have not turned color.
I tend to get most of my applique leaves that I am working on while watching the evening news.

JJM said...

You still have leaves on your trees ! We are in the mist of early winter, all leaves raked up and gone .

Pretty stratas and such nice dish cloths ~ love the sparkly red one.


Anonymous said...

Here in Virginia, we are having our coldest night of the season tonight...down in the 20's predicted...and just a few days ago, it was unseasonably warm!!
Love the strata piecing!
Wanda, don't you have a birthday coming up in the next few days? I thought for sure I had made a note somewhere, and now cannot find my note! My birthday is tomorrow, and I seem to remember yours is about this same time....So, if it is, I hope you have a Happy Birthday....if it is not, never mind!!!
Sandra B

Kerry said...

Love the turquoise and black!

Agree - the ash trees just dropped all their leaves ages ago (not in my garden, but the neighbouring properties), while in my garden the oak has barely turned yellow or brown, still has green leaves - and a lot of them. Friends have noted that not only were the acorns big this year but the most abundant ever known! Ours were huge and we filled 3 wheelie bins for garden waste to the brim - and that was just on the grass - not counting the veggie patch, fruit patch and the borders! They were so big that some fell and damaged the roof of my chicken run, making holes! Never had anything like it before!
As I came downstairs this morning I saw my spring flowering white clematis still in flower - it had a rest and then started again in September and hasn't stopped since! Small, dainty, multiple flower heads that are quite highly scented! Can't complain there! But hoping that it doesn't tire itself out before next year.
Kindest regards

SueR said...

Hi Wanda,I started on another dishcloth kick just last week. Dedicating myself to using up the leftovers at the moment. I really like the border on the gray one, and I love that diagonal garter stitch. Would you be willing to tell me the patterns you used?
Love, love, love the colorwashes from the later posts--yours and your students.